Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Quilt Market 2014 - Part Two

Hey y'all! Let's get back to the Quilt Market action!

This is Thomas's booth - it was fab! I spent quite a nice time, sitting with Thomas in his booth and just chatting. As we do, we chatted about ideas, theory, and his book Modern Quilt Perspectives. On the night that I arrived, Thomas threw a little party in his rented loft to celebrate his book and it was a great time.

This is Alison Glass' booth - as with the Cotton + Steel booth from my last post, it was really hard to get one picture of the full booth because it was always full of people eager to see Alison's new work. I have one tip for you: see that blue solid in the quilt at the back? Get it and get it now, it's called Celestial and it's Kona. It is frickin' fabulous!

This is a shot of the other side of Alison's booth - just as fabulous as the other side! Look at all the pretty things!

Quilt Market, for me at least, is also about seeing the friends that I don't get to see very often since we're spread all across the world! We were out every night of Market (as a matter of fact John, Sukie, Lee, and I all went clubbing on the Friday which is something I have not done in years!) and it was so great to just catch up and relax with each other. On Saturday night, we had a big dinner and then headed to a bar where we chatted until the wee hours. Not everyone made this picture, but let's see... there was John, Katy, Brenda and her husband, Sara, Violet, Tula, Tula's brother Cameron, Angela, Ali, and I'm sure a few other people that I'm not thinking of right now.

Speaking of Violet, her booth was amazing! I can not get over this paper-pieced quilt - it blew my mind! I am definitely going to need the pattern. Her new fabric line, Brambleberry Ridge, is absolutely gorgeous and I will be getting all of it.

Photo courtesy of Violet
I tried really hard to steal this pillow (tentatively called Stan the stag), but Violet caught me! It's hard to see in the photos but Brambleberry Ridge has these really great metallic accents that will work great in a range of projects.

As always, the Echino section was gorgeous and full of wonderful linen-cotton prints. The Nani Iro prints were right by these and I nearly swooned!

Photo courtesy of John
Just before John left for home on Sunday, Angela, him, and I took one last photo together - I miss these guys so much already!

Photo courtesy of John
He also took this one of Angela and I at Art Gallery and I think it's my favourite photo of the two of us from the whole time! Angela is one of my favourite people and it was so wonderful to spend three whole days with her!

Well, that's it for the Market pictures I guess, but I still have some swag pictures to share and I'm going to try and review at least a couple of the books I got. Tune in next time!

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  1. I cannot believe all of the great things coming down the pipe, my budget is not going to like me. Thanks for taking the time to share it with all of us. You look like you had a lot of fun by the looks of it, and I hope this helps you realize that you have a "place" in this industry.