Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Second Euclid

While browsing some pictures on my phone, I realized I had never shown pictures of the second completed Euclid that I introduced in this tutorial! Since my computer was crashed at the time (and still is), I used my phone to take photos of the finished quilt and for the tutorial, since I wouldn't be able to transfer my photos off of my DSLR. I think with all of the planning and excitement around teaching at Sewing Summit, heading to the UK for work, and the lead-up to Christmas just pushed the finished quilt right from my mind!

Many of you know that the original Euclid quilt was made many moons ago and a picture of it accompanied me to my first ever quilt market (the quilt itself actually accompanied me to the UK this past fall). After I revealed it on the blog, I received many requests for a tutorial or pattern. At the time, I fully intended to do just that but then it slipped away. Fast forward to the Summer of 2013 (a full three years after completing the first quilt) and there was a resurgence of people asking about the pattern.

In the end, I decided to offer Euclid as a free tutorial on my blog and gave the completed quilt to my godmother when she got married in October. Two birds with one stone - woot!

When I was originally thinking about making a second Euclid, I was intending to make it much bigger (which would be super-easy)! I had bought all of this Botany with that idea in mind, so I incorporated a bunch into the backing and used different brown-hued strips for a scrappy-ish binding. There is also one piece of Flora & Fauna (also from Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda) in the backing since the two lines matched so well.

Name: Euclid
For: Kim and Mike
Size: 48x64"
Completed: October 03, 2013
The full tutorial can be found here.