Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Quilt Market 2014 - Part One

Hey y'all! How's it going? I've been back from spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh for about a week, and am only now beginning to wrap my head around it all and the great time that I had. I've been to two Quilt Markets before but I haven't been for a few years, so it felt a bit like a new experience all over again. I have so many pictures and got to sorting them out tonight; the one big difference that I noticed was how many more pictures there are of friends rather than booths this year. Sure, I saw and admired a lot of booths and talked to a lot of people, but I think the times that I remembered to whip out my phone (or other people whipped out their phones) were the times that I wanted to capture memories with my awesome people.

Picture courtesy of Amy Smart
So many awesome peeps all in one photo!! Here we've got Melissa, Amy, Angela, Me, Anna, Allison, Ashley, Faith, Amanda Jean, and Lee - wow!

Jeni's booth was my first stop on the first day of Market because I love her! Jeni, Anna, Amanda Jean, and I all roomed together over Market which was pretty fun. Jeni's new collection with Art Gallery called Geometric Bliss is just awesome and I love the colours.

Photo courtesy of Angela
Wandering around, I ran into Ali and Angela, and we basically ended up spending the rest of Quilt Market as a threesome. This super-awesome photo shows Ali using Angela's back as a table to sign a copy of her book, Quilt Lab, for me. Also, note the tote made by Amanda of TheCraftJunky; it was my Christmas present from her and I carried it around everyday. I totally pimped her super-geeky awesomeness to anyone who would listen.

Of course, I had to find the awesomeness that is Cotton + Steel and it did not disappoint! I didn't get very many pictures of their booth because it was constantly packed with people, but I managed to snag a couple including this one showing their award for best first booth - wonderful work ladies!

This is another one from Cotton + Steel; one of my favourite things about their booth was that they melded all five of the collections together rather than keeping them separate - really brilliant!

Photo courtesy of Ali
While we were hanging out at Angela's book signing (for her book A Quilter's Mixology) we were approached by a couple of ladies from The Electric Quilt Company who graciously offered us some copies of EQ7 - how cool is that?! I got the PC version and Ali got the MAC. Thanks again EQ!

Photo courtesy of Anna
I'll leave you for now with this kind of hilarious picture of me in Heidi Boyd's booth! I was super-excited about meeting Heidi since I love her book Stitched Whimsy, but I think this pretty much sums up my face for most of Market!

I've got tons more to share so tune in later in the week for more Quilt Market antics!

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  1. Oh I miss you so much already!!! I had such a blast with you all week. You know ALL the people! lol