Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lizzy in the House...that is The Workroom!

On Tuesday night I headed to The Workroom to welcome a very special visitor to Toronto - Lizzy House! That's right Lizzy is here in "the T Dot" for a week teaching some workshops at The Workroom and on Tuesday Karyn hosted a friendship bracelet making party in her honour.

I picked up some Cosmo floss at the store (which can also be found in The Workroom's online pop-up shop) and Karyn gave a little demonstration on how to make a chevron-style bracelet.

My attempt is seriously all kinds of janky - maybe this is why I didn't have any friends in grade school - but I'm going to try again. Practice makes perfect as my Mum just said to me on the phone! I think I'm going to try using just two colours the next time and I'm going to focus more on creating tight even knots.

Other people were working away diligently and were really getting the hang of it!

Here is the lovely Katherine of Carolyn and Me - the colours she chose for her bracelet were really gorgeous and her bracelet was coming along like gangbusters!

As the friendship-bracelet-making continued some people began milling around, chatting, and admiring Lizzy's beautiful Diamond Mountain quilt displayed on the wall. Lizzy is in the blue cardigan, and there's Katherine again, Karyn's in the purple dress (which she made using Drop Cloth in Plum from Jay McCarroll's Habitat collection), and there's Jacqueline of Soak fame too!

I was still working away on my friendship bracelet trying to get at least a few good chevrons, but alas (as you can tell from the above "janky" photo) it was not to be! From my perch at the end of the cutting table I had a good view of all the fun going on around me and a container of my mini-muffins within arms reach!

At least I had Lizzy's gorgeous 1001 Peeps right behind me to pine after and console me for my woeful lack of friendship bracelet skills!

If you are in or near Toronto and would like to take a workshop with Lizzy at The Workroom I do believe that there is still room in her Champion Ribbons class which takes place on Saturday - I would absolutely love to take this class but unfortunately I've got to work on Saturday! However, I will be heading back to The Workroom on Sunday to preside over this month's Toronto Modern Quilt Guild meeting - fun fun!


  1. I used to love making friendship bracelets all the time! It looks like everyone is having a great time.

  2. One of those half meter bundles of 1001 Peeps is waiting for me to come from Kingston to collect it - wish I could have been at your party!

  3. sounds like a great crafty-party. I used to love making friendship bracelets in gradeschool, but I can't remember how anymore. I'd love it if you would share how to make the chevron style. have fun at your guild Sunday :)