Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Canada Day - a little late!

It is just after midnight here in Toronto so officially it is actually July 2nd, but I'm still awake so I say it's still Canada Day for me - and really it's still July 1st in other parts of the country so we're all good!

Alex and I found a giant Muskoka chair outside the Duke of York pub - where we had lunch and I indulged in a watermelon mojito - and I thought that it was the perfect place for a Canada Day picture! I mean really, if you found a giant Muskoka chair outside, wouldn't you climb up on it too? Let me tell you, it was no mean feat getting back down!

Wait, wait, wait, this picture will give a little better idea of how big the chair actually was...

Doesn't exactly show how far off the ground it was, but good enough! And for those who don't know Muskoka chairs are further off the ground at the front of the seat than at the back because they slope - at one point I slid all the way to the back and had a fun time trying to right myself! If I had had any amount of foresight I would have found someone to take a picture of Alex and I in the chair together - obviously he's the one holding the camera for these ones.

So a Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians and to all those who wish they were one of us too (hah!) or who just need a reason to party! I do have a quilt to show y'all coming up but I've had some logistical issues getting pictures of it but I'll be sharing it soon!


  1. You're so cute and that chair is amazing. You must have been meeting the royals for lunch, right?

  2. :) you seem like Alice in her wonderland !

  3. Just had to pop in - had a few minutes to catch up with my fav peeps and see what's new. Hope you are doing well and sending virtual hugs!