Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get Stacked - a Custom Pillow Cover!

Hey all! So I was supposed to head out with some friends today to the Niagara region to visit a winery - complete with picnic lunch and tastings - but I am sick, so instead I'm going to stay in, watch some BBC dramas and Sex and the City, and work on a new cross stitch I designed for an awesome friend.

This week has been super-busy with work, looking for jobs, and completing some very fun projects that I can't tell you about right now! But one thing I can share with you is some custom work I completed and sent off - good times! A few weeks ago I was contacted by a very lovely lady named Jen who wanted to buy the Get Stacked quilt I showed you all back before I left for Quilt Market. In case you don't remember which one I'm talking about - or in case you're new to these parts - here it is:

It's made using Tula Pink's Nest and Kona Coal - geez, I just love the way these two pair together! Well anyway, Jen also requested a custom cushion cover that matched the quilt so I got to work designing it in the same style - luckily I had more Nest fabric in my stash since it's out of print!

The front follows the same design idea and uses eight prints from the collection and Kona Coal. I quilted it in the same straight line style that I used on the quilt itself. It finished at 16x16" square.

I created an envelope style back using the green woodgrain print from Joel Dewberry's Ginseng collection and Kona Coal again for the top edge binding. The back was basically created using my tutorial from Sew Mama Sew but adjusted to account for the 16x16" size. The buyer didn't want to see the custom pillow before I sent it off - she wanted to be surprised - so I really hope that she likes it and that the baby who receives both pieces will love and hug and cherish them for a long time!

I absolutely love doing custom work for buyers because I get to be creative but have a little bit of guidance and I have a time line which helps me to get my butt in gear and get things finished!

I'm working on some more new projects this week and have a few finished items to show you! What do you guys think about a table runner pattern which would be available as a PDF through my Etsy store? The sample is all finished and I'm working on the directions right now; I'm also thinking about including instructions for expanding the table runner into a full-size quilt - what do you think about that? Sound like a good idea?