Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quilt Market Report: Days Two and Three - Part One

Sorry for the late posting guys! I flew back to Toronto yesterday, and instead of blogging I decided to spend the rest of the day hanging out with my bub (Alex) who was home since yesterday was a holiday here in Canada... you understand, right? First off since I just mentioned Alex, and because he asked me if I was going to post this picture, here's a picture of something funny...

I somehow ended up with five pillows on my hotel bed (oh, and see the pretty pillow case Jennifer made me! It has a different Nicey Jane print on each side with green crocheted scallop edging) and decided to make a "pillow Alex"! I even curved the pillows just like how he sleeps; having a "pillow Alex" was oddly comforting.

Alright, and back to Market... I actually forgot to bring my camera on the second day, but I do have some pictures from my Blackberry that are mostly of later on in the evening. Be forewarned though, this is a picture heavy post! Jennifer decided to have a bit of a mom-cation of Saturday and so John and I hung out, attended the cake party, and walked the floor.

Let's see, who's first? Oh yes... Bonnie and Camille! Bonnie and Camille are a mother-daughter team who design for Moda (so sad that I couldn't get "Bliss" at sample spree), but each of them also has their own pattern line - Bonnie has Cotton Way and Camille has Thimble Blossoms and Camille has a book coming out soon through Stash Books - yay! Bonnie and Camille shared a booth at Market with a half devoted to each of their designs. Up first we have Bonnie's side:

I was so excited that Bonnie remembered who I was (we've emailed a couple of times) and she was really nice. You might not be able to tell from this picture, but part of that quilt top actually has the new "cuddle" fabric integrated in and I think it's a wonderful idea. Bonnie mentioned that the "cuddle" was a bit more difficult to quilt with because of the pile, but that using a thicker needle (I believe she said 14, I can't remember for sure. I should have written it down) would help.

Here is Camille's side:

Pretty, right? Camille recently announced that she is pregnant with a little girl (after two boys) - you can see all the cute girl stuff now, can't you?

Next up we have Joanna's (of Fig Tree & Co) booth. Joanna was going off on a jaunt with Kate Spain (I later found out they went to the ModKid booth) and told me to make sure that I told her husband Eric that she said I could take pictures or he might jump on me. I told him, and then somehow we ended up talking hockey for the rest of the time I was there (since our discussion both of the teams we were watching have been knocked out: Him - San Jose, Me - Canadiens [although I'm a Toronto fan]).

Joanna was also really sweet and remembered the monkey I made (the one in my header) using some Mill House Inn that I won after Spring Market last year.

I then headed over to the Sweetwater booth and snapped this pic, pretty no?

The Oliver & S. booth was absolutely darling and you should see their first fabric line - City Weekend - which is coming out through Moda; I managed to score a fat quarter bundle of it at sample spree! They also debuted their new clothing patterns.

I also went over and saw Lori and Polly at Minick and Simpson. Both ladies were very nice and mentioned that they remembered me because I've commented on their blog a few times.

On a tip from John, I found a lovely booth full of gorgeous embroidery patterns by Penguin & Fish. This was probably one of the sweetest booths I visited, and Alyssa mentioned having read my blog which made me a little giggly I must admit!

I went back to Sandi Henderson's booth and snapped some pictures. It was so bright and cheery - I definitely could have lived there!

Alright, I think that's enough for one post! Come back tomorrow for more pics and info, including some more pictures of Amy Butler's booth!


  1. Hi Kaye!

    I also loved that Penguin & Fish booth! The hedgehog kept calling my name :0)

  2. Great market post...and you got some terrific pics!

  3. Thanks for the pics...Beautiful fabrics! Wished I could have been there :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing! I want to go to market next year so bad now! :)

  5. wow, all those quilts on white backgrounds!!! The mod look is all over Market, I see! Well, I thoroughly enjoyed your tour and look forward to more. I especially love SH's covered chairs in the last post - gorgeous. I liked seeing the couch in AMH's booth in your last post after reading her 'shout out for modern couches' on her blog several months ago. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I saw those Sandi Henderson chair covers in another post online and almost died. How cool are they?

  7. it looks like you had a blast!!!!

  8. I'm so glad to see these pics!
    bonnie and camille are my fave designer's and I had yet to see pics of their booth that did it any justice! thanks for that!
    someday I hope to go to market!

  9. Thank you for sharing all those wonderful photos of Market. I really hope to get there one day!

  10. Ah, you make me feel like I was there with you :) Wish I really was there!

  11. I really like that way you take pictures of the whole booth and not just a close up of one item. Gives us a much better feel for the show - and of each designer's collection. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Hopped over from bingo to say hi. Thanks for the beautiful photos of market. I love the sock monkey!
    Joan thrilledtopieces.blogspot.com

  13. I came by to say an Aussie hello from SPRING FEVER!!

    I loved seeing the photo's of all the stands and displays at the Quilt Market. They looked incredible...would love to be a "billionaire" to buy all those fabrics, kits and quilts!!!

    It was interesting to see the colour choices and style of each artist, that made their stand and display unfied as a whole.


  14. Wow, thanks for the tour, I loved the Penguin and Fish booth, oh that hedgehog!