Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sorry I have been MIA this past week! Last Monday while writing up the previous post my computer kept turning off for no explicable reason and had to be sent in for repair - boo! However, I did get my CD-ROM drive replaced at the same time which was exciting for me since it hasn't worked since October. I have her back now and am very happy especially since I start school again, oh well, ya know...today! Yes, that's right, I had the brilliant idea to take one course over the Summer (3 month class condensed into a six week period, so I'll be done mid-June) and am regretting it a little today especially considering how much I need to get done for Quilt Market (which is just over two weeks away). I decided to take this course in the Summer mainly because the professor who teaches it during the year scares me, and I know I'll be happy with my decision once I'm through it, I just wish it were a bit later in the Summer so that it didn't cross over with Market preparation.

Speaking of Market, I completed another top last night using fabrics from Amy Butler's Love collection (the design roll shown in the previous post) and Kona Ash. Would you like to see a sneak peek? Okay!

The design itself is rather simple, but the math was a killer (and I'm pretty good at math) and using these fabrics it is rather striking. I like it! I'll do a full reveal either during or after Market along with the Verna quilt I sneak peek-ed earlier, and the two others I'm hoping to get completed. Wish me luck!

I mentioned in my last post that I had attended my Quilt Guild meeting on Sunday, but forgot to show some wonderful fabrics that were given to me by another guild member.

My Quilt Guild friend, Steph, and her husband are moving to Oklahoma City (I'm pretty sure it's Oklahoma City) and Steph did a little destashing for the move. Thanks Steph - you rock!

I had some disappointing news this past week. I decided to submit a project for the new One Yard Wonders book that is coming out soon, but found out that my project didn't make it. I thought since I spent so much time on it that I'd share some of the pictures with you guys; it's called Crochet-on-the-Go and includes a tote bag for carrying supplies and a hook roll that can also accommodate a pencil and eraser and has a spot for holding your needle.

This is the bag and hook roll together. Here is the bag by itself.

And a picture of the hook roll by itself.

For the projects in this book, they were requesting that they be made out of fabrics other than quilting cotton (although you were allowed to use quilting cotton, the focus was on others) and I chose linen. I also used a doily on the bag and Cluny lace on the hook roll to emphasize the crochet aspect - this would allow the maker to actually use a doily or lace they had crocheted themselves and show it off.

I'm pretty sad that my project didn't make it into the book, but I'm still excited to see it and check out the projects that others have submitted - it should be pretty awesome!

Come back soon for my next post where I'll be showcasing my friend Monica (aka The Happy Zombie) and her first fabric line which will be making its debut at Quilt Market. Have a great day everyone!


  1. I love the Love combination with grey. And that bag is super cute! Sorry it didn't make the cut. :(

  2. That crochet bag and hook holder are so lovely, they look so sweet in the linen! Great job! I love the Amy Butler stuff...it is so beautiful!

  3. Your quilt top is super cute, and that bag too! Bummer about not making it into the book.

  4. The colors are just amazing, great.

  5. One day, when I'm not a broke student I'm gonna buy one of your quilts - I love the way you mix colours!!

  6. I think your one yard project is super cute, and your piecing looks gorgeous.

    I once heard you have to hear no 9 times to get to a yes, so don't be scared of hearing it because it gets you closer to your yes. Trying to remember that ;)

  7. I love your bag {and how it's photographed}! Your quilt looks great, I can't wait to see the reveal! Good luck at the quilt market! :)