Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nice Things to Do

 Misty Muskoka, originally uploaded by Cathlin B.

I was inspired when both Pip and Jhoanna posted lists called "Nice things to do" and decided I wanted to play along too! Here are some nice things I like to do...

-splash in puddles while wearing my new boots
-browse the sewing books and magazines at the store
-cook a meal that takes a long time just because I can
-dance around in the living room when Alex isn't home (and sometimes when he is)
-sit in the Muskoka chair out back and read
-watch BBC dramas and adaptations
-search through used bookstores and thrift stores
-wear skirts with pretty shoes in the sunshine
-drink coffee on a patio whenever possible
-cuddle with my love
-buy fresh cut flowers just because
-tromp through the dried Fall leaves
-sew up a lovely, surprise gift for a friend
-stay in bed for as long as possible
-dress up even if I'm just going to class
-listen to music while baking cookies
-eat ice cream straight from the tub
-spend time talking with good friends

Do you have anything to add or a list of things to share?


  1. wow...can I come spend the day with you? You do fun stuff. I need to print this and remind myself I used to do these things gets to cluttered and busy sometimes and you rush past simple pleasures. Lovely list Kaye.

  2. Such a great list! Yes, totally agree with the searching through thrift stores and listening to favourite music whilst baking cookies :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, that's so funny! I opened my dashboard, turned around to say to BSP (in the context of a conversatino about sizing for baby quilts) "There's this girl in my guild who's opening a shop; her name's Kaye... " and then I turned around to go back to my 'puter and there's Miss Kaye.

    *cue theme from The Twilight Zone* Oh wait, are you too young to remember the theme from the Twlight Zone?


  4. I have never owned a pair of rain boots, but oh I sooo want to now!

    I love your list. Especially the bookstore and thriftstore point, and coffee on the patio!

    I would add to my list, baking pretty desserts, and enjoying them with friends.

  5. These are wonderful things! Ah, the simplicities in life!

  6. Sit in my hanging porch swing, reading a library book, sipping lemonade from freshly-plucked lemons, and swinging idly away...ahh.