Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy birthday to my love and some other randomness...

I'm a bad blogger...please forgive me? Because we're friends, right? Okay, good!

First of all I have to wish a very happy birthday to my love, Alex! Happy birthday baby - you're the bestest!


Some of you have already seen this picture of us from Halloween, but I wanted to post it again because it's one of my favourites (and there are surprisingly few pictures of us together). Alex was Max from Where the Wild Things Are and I was the female version of Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

I have been crafting, sewing, designing, and embroidering this week (mostly designing) but still don't really have anything I can show so instead I give you some pictures of pretty randomness!

First up are the pretty tulips I bought Alex on Saturday (yes, I do sometimes buy him flowers). Tulips are one of my favourites, so I guess they're a tiny bit a present to myself too!


Here is the awesome bag I bought myself last week (cheap, I got it at Winners). I love Robert Frost, and when Alex and I first met I remember having a long phone conversation about him together. Alex loves him too and we share many of the same favourite poems.


Fabricland was having a great sale last week and all Simplicity pattern were only $2.00 each (crazy, I know)! Funnily enough Amy of Things We Make just bought herself one of the same patterns (the Built by Wendy one) and we've decided that we're living parallel lives - there's a bunch of other weird little things in common that keep popping up and it's pretty entertaining!

Would you like a granny square update? I haven't had the chance to do any since Friday, but we are now at 108! Woohoo, only 42 left to go and then *I think* I'll have enough...then I'll have to teach myself how to join worries, I'm sure I'll figure it out!


And, I did it! I bought my dream rainboots and they're great...
Oh yes my friends, these are my new Hunter's - worn by Her Majesty and common folk alike! My old boots split after having them for about a year and a half and I decided that I wanted good quality rainboots that would last for awhile, if not forever and here they are! Gosh, they're pretty aren't they?

And Heather Bailey told me I was gorgeous today and I can't help it, but I blushed and glowed and felt all light and happy because of it! I'm sorry if mentioning this makes me sound self-involved or anything, but it really made me feel good. I know, I'm a little ridiculous; but when an awesome, famous and talented (not to mention extremely-gorgeous-herself) lady tells you you're gorgeous, it just can not be helped! Thank you Heather, you made my day!

Okay, I have to leave for class in 15 minutes and am seriously wearing my pyjamas (I put them back on when I got home this afternoon). Talk to y'all later, you guys are the greatest!


  1. Hello Kaye! You don't sound self involved or ridiculous in the least! If Heather Bailey said that about me, I'd have it tatooed on my arm and I'd re-name by blog: "Heather Bailey Thinks I'm Lovely!" I second her opinion, by the way!

  2. Somehow when Simplicity patterns are on sale here (for 99 cents if you can imagine!) I always end up with kid's patterns. I am too scared to attempt grown up people clothing yet. . .

    If someone like Heather Bailey (or honestly really anyone) told me I was gorgeous I'm pretty sure I'd find a way to mention it ;)

  3. LOVE the tulips! And that tote is lovely, Hun!

    And Heather Bailey is as right as rain - you are STUNNING!!!!

  4. O love my hunter's too... though in Miami there are not that many opportunities to wear them!

  5. how sweet. i agree. you are simply gorgeous!