Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I'm Up To...

I found this little list a few months back on Pip's blog. It's been floating around on my computer since then and I thought I'd take a moment to fill it in and share it with the rest of you. Let's see if anything interesting comes out...

Making... plans for opening up my Etsy shop. Not going fast, but I am trudging steadily along.
Cooking... no cooking going on here, we ordered Chinese for dinner.
Drinking... water. Wow, that's boring.
Reading... Persuasion by Jane Austen. It's fantastic (of course), as all Jane is!
Wanting... another Clover crochet hook! I mentioned them here a few months ago and finally picked one up a month ago. I love it so much and now I need every size (I have J, which is 6mm).
Looking... at granny square tutorials! They're just so gosh darn cute, and I really want to learn how to make them!
Playing... nothing. I'm blogging, why would I be playing anything?
Wasting... the little moments I could be getting things ready for the shop by reading blogs. I don't really see that as wasting though since it's something I enjoy doing.
Sewing... up something special as a surprise for a friend. Also sewing up a baby quilt for the shop.
Wishing... I hadn't had to go to work today so that I could have spent more time doing the aforementioned sewing.
Enjoying... the sound of the keyboard. No really, I really do like it (when it's me typing anyway).
Waiting... for a package from "Santa", aka Jennifer, to arrive in the mail. I have a feeling of what it could be, but I really don't know and I just can't wait for it to arrive!
Liking... CraftSanity's podcasts! I just got into listening to them because her last interview was with Rashida, and I'm really enjoying them! I've been listening to them on my iPod at work.
Wondering... how I will cope if no one buys anything from my Etsy shop. I know it will take awhile to get a few sales under my belt, but I also don't want to feel let down. It's kind of like comments on the blog (or blogs in general) - people obviously read, and follow but there's generally few comments. This could (and does) happen with an Etsy shop - people like things and enjoy them, but for whatever reason they don't buy. I am (of course) guilty of both these things - both not commenting and not buying, even when I enjoy or like something.
Loving... Ayu's new tutorial on the Pink Penguin blog! It's so darling and cute, and I can't wait to try making this little pouch! I also love Alex, of course!
Hoping... that school this semester isn't the farce it was last semester. Things got pretty ridiculous there for awhile within the Faculty, and I hope something like this does not happen again. Although the A+ my group just got on one of our final projects (worth 50% of our final mark), can continue to pop up again and again if it likes. An A++ would be even better (I don't think that's actually allowed).
Marvelling... at all the wonderful crafty people who are in the world! I just can't believe all of the amazing people who I've met both through blogging and in real life - it's really amazing!
Needing... the random hives to either go away or be explained. I think an allergy test is in order; it's starting to get pretty ridiculous!
Smelling... Alex's clementine peels. He really does love them...a lot...maybe more than wait, that's not possible!
Wearing... flannel, patchwork pyjama pants and a tank top. I know, I'm classy and chic likes this all the time.
Following... a sort of made-up schedule in my head of what gets done when. It includes school, work, sewing, chores, etc. It really never quite works out like the way I plan in my head though. Oh well.
Noticing... that Tiffany blue really is one of the prettiest colours! (More on that later)
Knowing... that taking it one day at a time and not planning too, too far ahead really does work better for me. I'm not a very good advance-planner although I really would like to be!
Thinking... that I wish there were more hours in the day so that I could accomplish everything I'd like in a consistent way. I don't like being slapdash when I can help it.
Bookmarking... tons of sewing and crochet tutorials, recipes, and inspiration. I have tons of folders in my bookmarks to keep all of this organized, but it's still very difficult to find things when I want them!
Opening... an Etsy shop? Hahahaha, it had to be done. I'm opening up emails, blog posts, and a little of myself right now.
Giggling... at some of the funny stuff my blog friends write. Katy is definitely one of the more witty ones, and CakeWrecks (although obviously not friends of mine) is always good for a laugh!
Feeling... a little tired and out of sorts. I think I may need a break from school already!

Last Sunday was actually our anniversary (that is Alex and I). We went to Ikea in the morning to get a new cabinet for the kitchen. The old one was was pretty ugly (sorry Mum!) and well old (getting on 20 years I think, and bought if I remember correctly at Zellers). It was lucky we did buy the new cabinet, because when we came home I went to unload the old one and one of the doors fell out (I still don't really know how), hit me in the face, and would not go back into place. The door hitting me in the face was compounded by the fact that I (literally) walked into a wall the night before - I will never forget the sound my temple made as it smacked off the wall. I think the sound may have scared me more than anything.

Anyhoo, Alex spent the afternoon putting the new cabinet together while I took the doors and hardware off the old one and transported it into the den to hold me fabric and supplies. Would you like to see pictures? Yes? Okay!

Old one in it's new spot and without doors (evil, evil doors):

And the new one. We actually picked up that teapot at Ikea too, I like it:

In the evening Alex and I went out for dinner at a new restaurant at the end of our street, it was pretty good. Then we went to Insomnia, the site of our first date, and each had a martini. We wrapped up the evening at BMV, a local bookstore, which is the site of our first meeting (where he seduced me by talking about The Watchmen) and where we also went on our first date.

We exchanged our presents that morning; I made Alex a tie.

Here is the reverse, the lining fabric is Alexander Henry's Spotted Owl.

And, in regards to Tiffany blue which I mentioned above, Alex gave me this beauty from Tiffany. Isn't it pretty? I love it!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far! Look at me, I really am getting better at this posting more often thing, yay!


  1. oh wow...what a beautiful ring. i went to the link and then got totally lost looking at all the beautiful tiffany jewels. wow!!

    this post was so fun. i loved reading it.

  2. Well, I am just like you: I like reading and I am fascinated by what other people create but I normally don't comment nor buy.
    But I suggest you put up a (really big) link to your shop because I have not been able to get a look at what your selling :)
    Pretty tie btw, I love the owls peeking out!


  3. Ooh, that ring is gorgeous!

    Good luck with the Etsy shop. It's scary to put yourself out there, but you'll never know until you try!

  4. I've been wanting to open up an Etsy shop for a while, too. At least you had the guts to actually do it! You are inspiring me!!!

  5. This is such a cool idea. Love it!

    And the new cabinet is THE BOMB! It's gorgeous! Looks great against that color wall, too!

    I LOVE that tie. How quirky and unique to combine it with that owl lining. Bet ya he loved it.

    AND OHMIGOSH.... That ring is divine!

  6. That is a beautiful ring! I'm looking forward to the Grand Opening of your shop! :)

  7. I never comment either, but I love your blog, and the format for this post was fantastic. Love it and always love your creations.

  8. congrats on your anniversary! I love the tie you made - was it hard to do? I would love to make one for my hubby although he rarely wears ties...just seems like a nice thing to do. And I have to admit - I laughed out loud at the story of you walking into the wall...and then the door hitting you in the face. Oh dear - I hope you didn't get a black eye :>)