Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. -Theadore Roosevelt

Back in May I signed up to participate in a swap hosted by Dionne, and funnily enough I ended up with Dionne as my swap partner. I posted about the items that I received from Dionne in this post, but I completely forgot to take pictures of the things I sent to her before I packed them up to post. I had been waiting for Dionne's post about the swap so that I could link to her pictures of my items, but she sent me the pictures just the other day and I thought it would be fun to share them with you here.

First up, here's a picture of all the little goodies I sent her.

I sent her some handmade goodies including the dish towel, coffee cozy, fridge magnets, hairband, and tissue cozy; I also sent her tissue for the cozy, vanilla sugar, a recipe, needle card, a notebook, and a package of sour patch kids. I also made the card. Because Dionne loves boardgames I used some extra Monopoly money I had and made a little tag for each item explaining why I thought she's like it.

Here are the handmade goodies (minus the tea towel and magnets) closeup.

The handmade items are all hand sewn too because I didn't have a working sewing machine at the time. I love cover buttons so much, and so here is a closeup of the magnets I made using the cover button method.

Dionne's photos are definitely way better than anything I could have taken (thanks Dionne!) and make all my 'stuff' look good! This swap is really what brought Dionne and I together as friends, and I'm really glad that I took part!

I'll be back on Sunday (the 24th) with a new post all about craft and sewing books, and a link to my guest blog over at Rachel's which also includes a giveaway!


  1. Love the bird tea towel. I'm glad you had better luck with this swap than with the Christmas ornament!

  2. P.S. I saw that Vanessa posted a picture of your pinwheel quilt on V and Co! Very cool.

  3. hey cutie! SEW sorry i haven't been online. BURIED with tradeshow prep. such as life for me in january. still have so much to do. what great goodies. i sewed SEVEN coffee cup cozies today. i just busted them out. at 10 minutes per cozie, gotta love that. thanks for sunday too. chat soon. loves!

  4. Beautiful swap items, love the magnets, what a great idea to cover them instead of buttons! How special too, that the other things are sewn by hand - takes longer but I find it's good to spend a bit more time and it's so nice and quiet compared to the machine.


  5. Looks like a fun swap! I found your blog through the FMFF blog and I am so glad I did. A love for sewing and LMM, so cool! I actually still haven't read the books (I didn't have a love of reading until I got older, and at first I was too bogged down with school to do much fun reading) but all the Anne of... books are on my list to read eventually. I adore the movies and hope to make it up there someday. (One of my good friends and I are determined to make it a girl trip!)

  6. Yay! I am sorry it took so long to email you the pics! But yes, I am so stoked that we were partners - everything was so lovely and thoughtful, and the best part was meeting you!

  7. Hello,

    These buttons look fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  8. i sooo love that roosevelt quote. also, cute stuff!