Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kate Winslet, Alexander Keith, and ME!

I originally started writing this post just before midnight because I had to wait up until 12:04am for my Mum to call me. That’s what time I was born and so she calls me at that time every year (yes, that’s late for me to stay up, but it’s definitely better than being born at 3:30am or something and having her call me then). After getting off the phone I realized that I was definitely too tired to stay awake and finish posting, so now I continue.

On Saturday night we had friends over for a little party. Alex got me a chocolate cake with a coffee meringue frosting from here, and it was super-good! I received a couple of presents – James got me this, and Mo and Dilan got me this and a set of pretty ceramic measuring cups from here. Then we all headed out to see the sights at Nuit Blanche.

This is the crazy bunny we saw strung up in the Eaton’s Centre. I didn’t actually like much of what we saw (I know that sounds bad), but a lot of it just did not seem new or interesting. I really enjoyed going through the Royal Conservatory of Music. They’ve recently renovated and expanded and they did a gorgeous job!

We aren’t able to do birthday dinner tonight so last night Alex took me to The Sultan’s Tent. They serve a four-course Moroccan meal (I had harira, hummus and zaalouk, couscous royale, and brulee royale), and there’s a belly-dancing show!

I couldn’t get a better picture of the dancer because she was all over the place, but she was really good. Also, because it was my birthday they sent over this little cake that looked like a fez. I couldn’t eat it all, I was just way too stuffed after four courses (and bread).

At midnight Alex got out of bed and gave me my presents. He gave me the Danica Neema laptop bag, a Jane Austen action figure, and some candy. I love my baby!

I have a bunch of other stuff that I want to show and talk about, but I have no time right now – I have way too much work to do!


  1. Sounds like an awesome birthday. I checked out the cake place, and can I say YUM????!!!!!!

    oooh the Moroccan place sounds fabulous. I LOVE Moroccan food! Sooo good.

    And ohmigoodness, I LOVE those stacked cups from Anthro. How precious!!! And a Jane Austen action figure? That's so awesome!

  2. What lovely special presents! i love how he planned it so it incorporated everything you loved! and , please post a pic of the jane austen action so jealous!

    happy birthday again!

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome & busy birthday! More happy birthday hugs sweet friend!