Friday, September 25, 2009

Pretty Birdie!

This week has been busy! School is (once again) starting to take over my life and most of my thoughts. There is so much to do already and I feel overwhelmed; I’m trying to remain calm and not get too anxious. I’ve met some really nice people and have had a nice time sitting with them in class and talking over our work during breaks. I had a job interview yesterday and am hoping to get it. The money is not even close to being good, but it will help me to get experience and I really do need a job!

Wednesday morning I was supposed to be doing some reading, but I ended up procrastinating. I drafted a new bag pattern and then actually made it. I finally got up the nerve to cut into the yard of Sketchbook in blue from Anna Maria Horner’s Drawing Room collection; I’ve had it for months, ever since I won the $20.00 giveaway from Quilt Home. While I only had a yard, it’s a bit bigger than a regular yard because it’s home dec. I like using home dec and heavier fabrics for bags, because I think it makes them sturdier without having to use interfacing.

It didn’t turn quite as I wanted, but I know what I’d like to change for the next time. I’d like the corners to be more rounded, and the pleats on the bottom (which you can hardly see) to be bigger. I still like it, and I think it’s unique (especially the fabric). Definitely the fabric makes me happiest!

I don’t have any overly exciting stories to share right now, except one about my current sewing machine and how I might be getting a new one (and this time I mean NEW), yay! While I was sewing the above bag I broke two needles; I haven’t broken one (EVER) for as long as I’ve been using a sewing machine. The first one broke and a small piece shot out and hit me in the chest, so I changed the needle (making sure I was using the right one) and played with the tension. Not five minutes later the new needle broke and the entire bottom part (the sharp end) shot out and hit me in the face, cutting my lip open. I changed the needle again and managed to finish the bag, all the while managing not to get any blood from my lip on the fabric.

I’ve been having some problems with this machine since I got it a month ago – the stitches are loopy on the backside even though they’re nice on the top (I’ve adjusted the tension and stitch length and nothing changes), the slide plate is raised a bit too much from the machine and it makes it difficult to get things positioned correctly under the needle, the needle doesn’t move (unlike my old machine where it could be centered, or moved all the way to the right or left), it seems to have a problem going through multiple layers of fabric (which makes me worried for quilting), and the last straw was of course the broken needles. The only thing I like about it is the free arm (which is a really great feature).

I was telling my Mum all this yesterday (I just had to relate the needle-lip story) and she said that if she can swing it she’ll buy me a new machine for my birthday (which is in about a week and a half). I know she can’t afford a lot and so I’ve been doing research online, reading tons of reviews, trying to find one that will fit my needs at a good price. I’d really like to get the Brother CS6000i, but it’s more than twice as much in Canada as it is in the States. I’m thinking maybe the Brother CE5000, which is a good price and almost all of the reviews have been favourable. I just don’t want a machine that can’t keep up with me. I’ve never had a new sewing machine (or computer for that matter) and I’d like one that I wouldn’t have to replace for at least a few years. In my dreams I’d like a Bernina or Janome, or heck even just my old Singer back!

Now back to reading and writing my first paper. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I love the bag! I think it's perfect! What a cute piece!

    Ack, you broke 2 needles? I am always scared with sewing machines that the needle will break and flick up into my eye, hahahaha.

  2. I had to laugh when I read you broke needles and got hit with them. Has happened to me plenty of times! Kind of scary, huh? Makes you want to wear safety goggles. Sometimes, a needle will break, particularly when you are sewing something heavy, because your stitch length is too short. When making purses and sewing several layers, I always use a jeans needle and I set my stitch length at about 3, 3.5 or even 4.0. Your needle has to have enough time to pull through all those layers.

    A new machine would be wonderful! If they are so expensive in Canada...let me know if I can help you find one in the States and I could pick it up and ship it for you. The extra in shipping may be worth it if the price is right. I love my Husqvarna. Kaye, our local store is the Stitching Post in Columbus OHIO. They have a website and some pretty good deals at times. Let me know if I can help you out.


  3. Love the color combo!
    Have a lovely weekend~

  4. thanks so much for the heads up on the sewmamasew contest! i entered my tutorial! thanks so much!

  5. love your bag. and am so excited for you that you are getting a new machine! molly

  6. Really love the bag! its perfect for shopping and everything in between!:)