Monday, February 9, 2009

All of us are better when we're loved. -Alistair MacLeod

On Saturday, Alex and I went to the live recording of CBC’s Saturday morning radio show, Go. The episode was called “Tiptoe Through the Titles”, and there were three independent booksellers competing in a trivia contest to win a sleepover with Alistair MacLeod. When Alex and I found out that the prize was a sleepover with Alistair MacLeod we were talking about how great it would be if AM was actually there at the recording.

I love Alistair MacLeod (so does Alex). I first read No Great Mischief in a Celtic Studies class I took at UofT and fell in love with it immediately. Whenever I see a copy of this book I have an urge to buy it just so that I can have a copy on hand to give to anyone at some point; it’s one of the few books that I feel that way about. I actually have an urge right now to read it again (but I already have a couple other books on the go).

Continuing on with my story: Alex and I got up super-early Saturday morning (we had to be there at 8:20 am) and took the streetcar to CBC. There weren’t a lot of other people there (only about 20-25, I’d say) but there were a couple of people that Alex knew from his program. We were all funneled into an elevator - super scary for my by the way since I have a tendency to be claustrophobic with that many people in a small space – and went to the studio. As we were walking into the studio Alex looked into the green room and who do you think he saw? Alistair MacLeod. I was so happy; I don’t think I stopped smiling through the entire show. The host kept referring to him as Canada’s cuddliest author, and I have to say that I agree!

It was really great, and even though neither of us got to speak with him it was just nice to see him and hear him talk in person. I took a picture of him as he was leaving the studio, but it’s a little blurry (taking pictures with Blackberry while in motion = not good idea), so I’m not posting it here. I *heart* you Alistair MacLeod.

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