Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nordic Christmas: Warm Knits + the Series

Well, phew, it's been quite the busy week! Not only did I have to surreptitiously finish Alex's Hanukkah present while he wasn't home (happy first night everyone!!) and work on some Christmas presents for my mum, but I also completed the sample for the third and final pattern in the Nordic Christmas series - hurray!

Warm Knits features a Scandinavian inspired sweater along with a scarf, mittens, a hat, and a little holly - I think it might actually be my favourite of the three!

I must say that this pattern actually gave me the most problems when trying to decide what would be what colours - I wanted to use the same colours that are found in Winter Chalet to give it a cohesive feel but couldn't decide what item should be which colours. In the end though, I'm happy with the result!

This pattern is available individually in both my Etsy and Craftsy shops, but wait (!!) there's something else...

Just as a little special something, I've decided that if you want all three patterns that you should get a wee discount! There is a special listing in both the Etsy and Craftsy shops!

I have really enjoyed designing this series and getting it out there to everyone! It has been a labour of love and I'm super-excited to see your creations. I've already started working on my ideas for next year and I think I know what the theme will be (Scandinavian-inspired Twelve Days of Christmas, anyone?) but that sure is a long way off, ho hum. I guess I'll just have to come up with some other ideas in between! Sounds good to me.