Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little Catch Up

So, it's been a while since I last posted! It's been a rough couple of months - what with not having a job and such, but I'm trying to keep myself busy and not dwell too much on all of the negatives. Let's do a little catch up post here! I've been crafting quite a bit and have a few things to share, so let's do a few now and then some more later in the week!

I finished the first of my Seaweed Socks - woot! The pattern is available for free on Wendy Johnson's site and the yarn is Madelinetosh Sock in Iceburg (which is a discontinued colourway). I'm just about to start working the gusset for the second sock and hopefully I'll have both socks fully done within the next week or so. When they're both done I'll take some better pictures so that you can really see the colour.

I stitched up this little Bob and Doug McKenzie duo as a gift for my mum. The pattern is from Wee Little Stitches on Etsy and was super fun to stitch! Seriously hard to photograph so in case you can't read it the line on the bottom says "take off, you hoser" (you may need to be Canadian to get this one).

I also knitted up three teeny-tiny preemie hats for charity; I'm going to make more since I can probably get five or so hats out of each skein and they really are super-fast. I feel good knowing that such a little thing I've made can bring some serious warmth and comfort to others. The pattern is available for free and there are five different variations on the hat; I'm planning on making one of each version in both pink and blue.

And, a little announcement, Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays is now available for purchase in the print edition!! It came out on August 7th and should be available in all major bookstores as well as online at places like Amazon and Indigo. Also, just in case print isn't your thing or you want to get the book instantly, it is still available as an ebook as well.

In case you don't remember (or weren't around these parts when I first announced it), this is my pattern from the book - the Countdown-to-Christmas Advent Calendar! My pattern mixes English paper piecing, stamping, and a little patchwork to create a fun and easy calendar with pockets just big enough for a small chocolate or toy.

I have a few other things and announcements to share but we'll wait and do that a little bit later! I hope y'all enjoyed catching up with me here. I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Love those socks!
    Ha ha! Love the Strange Brew cross stitch! We're not from Canada and we know! Ha ha! So funny. Gee, you're real nice.. if I didn't have puke breath I'd kiss you.


    1. Have you watched Great White North? It was originally a sketch for SCTV (sort of like the Canadian version of Saturday Night Live). Hilarious! Glad you like my xStitch!

  2. Fun to see Bob & Doug all stitched up! That was my first weelittlestitches pattern and now I've completed the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and am starting with Scooby Doo.

    1. Fun fun! I've been looking at a few others of hers but haven't decided on another one - maybe Dr. Who?!

  3. It's nice to see you back again, Kaye!


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    1. Thank you, hopefully I'll get a few more done soon!

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    1. Thanks so much - they're pretty rockin' if I do say so myself ;)