Monday, January 23, 2012

The Holiday Sewing Finishes!

Hey y'all! How are you guys doing? I am back as promised with some more of my holiday finishes - unfortunately, this year I wasn't able to get as many sewing projects done as I would have liked. I had grand plans for all the little things I was going to make people but in the end that just did not happen this year. However, I was able to finish one project for my Mum for Christmas - which was very important because I know how much she enjoys receiving handmade from me - and since I had Alex covered with the hat I knit him, I was able to give handmade to the two very-most-important people on my list!

Alex and I hoarded our pennies together to buy my Mum the Kobo Vox for Christmas - the Vox is a tablet and e-reader that runs on the Android platform. I think (for my non-Canadian readers out there) that the Vox would be most comparable to the Kindle Fire in terms of what it can do. It is full-colour, has a built in web browser, and since it's Android you can download apps from the store for free (I totally got my Mum hooked on Angry Birds)!

The handmade gift for my Mum was a case for her new Vox! I used this tutorial from Amber over at One Shabby Chick but resized it to fit the Vox - the original tutorial was written for the iPad but the Vox is shorter in both length and width (7" screen versus 9.7" on the iPad) and is a little thicker. I figured out the measurements and am very happy with the fit!

For the outer fabric I used this Books print from the David Textiles collection The Grand Tour by Victoria and Albert (most people refer to this collection as "Venice") which was done in conjunction with the V&A museum, and for the lining I used Kona Medium Grey. My Mum adores both the Vox and the case, and carries both with her every day - this makes me very happy!

I also completed this custom order for a lady that my Mum works with. She saw the coffee sleeve that I made for my Mum last year and requested five to use as stocking stuffers. The coffee sleeves are based on my own template, as I like mine to be wider and I've found that all of the templates I've looked at have been for narrower sleeves. Some of the fabrics were chosen based on things I was told about the people receiving them, but for two of them I was told to just go with what I like.
I found a couple of really great crafty books yesterday at my local store and I will be sharing them with you soon! If you live in Toronto head to the BMV on Bloor soon - the craft section is totally stacked right now!


  1. This looks great! I've had my eye on the Kobo Vox too. Glad to hear your Mom loves it, there are not tons of reviews out there since they're fairly new so I've been wary!

    I love the cup cozies as well.

    P.S. I feel bad asking, but....I won your giveaway day prize and realized recently that I haven't received it yet. Just wondering...

  2. great job on the vox case! love your coffee cozies, I also prefer mine to be wider. Actually, I need to get sewing some for my Aunts and Cousins. I'm just working up the courage to dive into my closet and search for my pattern...

  3. That Kobo cover looks great! I was thinking of making my Grandma a cover for the Kindle she's getting for her birthday and just need to find the right tutorial.

  4. How cute. I love them. I've been needing to make my kindle a cute case and you've definately inspired me.

  5. That's a perfect print for the Vox cover!