Saturday, December 31, 2011

Knitting in Action!

On Monday, while watching the entire first three (last three? the original three?) Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray (what is wrong with you George Lucas changing the movies like that?!) I finally started knitting the Aidez Cardigan! I bought the yarn almost a year ago and have finally now cast on!

I'm using Cascade Ecological Wool in Tarnish (colour #8049). Eco is 100% undyed sheep's wool and is so squishy and springy - I just love it! It's so fun thinking that this is the actual colour of the sheep the wool came from - he must have been one nice lookin' sheep! This yarn was picked up from The Knit Cafe here in Toronto which is a pretty rockin' yarn shop!

On Monday night I tweeted the above picture of the start of the back of the cardigan. It is done in pieces (back, two fronts, and two arms) and then seamed together in the end. Did I mention that this is a free pattern from Berroco? And hey look, a little peek of my new Munki Munki pyjamas that Alex gave me for Hanukkah!

Tuesday morning/afternoon (with a Banana Republic and Over Easy break with Alex in between) I watched some full-length Miss Marple movies that my Mum gave me for Christmas and continued to knit! The colour is off in these pictures because they were taken with the lamp beside me on  - the colour is much closer to the first pictures of just the yarn on it's own. It's a really pretty mid-grey with little bits of brown highlight. The cables on this cardi are just awesome and I could knit them forever! Luckily this wool is pretty bulky (it's a heavy Aran/light bulky weight) so the knitting is going pretty fast.

I'm a bit further along up the back now and I can not wait to be done and show the finished product to you guys! I know this is going to be a cardi I'll wear all the time.

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  1. Love that wool! I agree, what a handsome sheep! My husband and I got the entire (6) Star Wars on Blue Ray awhile back and watched all six, definitely a good way to get some knitting done!
    Those cables are amazing! I really want to try making a sweater this year!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Ah, that's so pretty! So I just took up knitting again and I THINK all my log cabin blocks (made from Noro Kureyon) are sashed with Cascade Eco in espresso (I'll have to double check on that). I love your cables. It will be awhile before I'm confident enough to attempt that. And while I haven't been watching Star Wars, everything we gave our 3 1/2 year old grandson WAS Star Wars--may have gone a little overboard: SW Legos, jammies, two t-shirts (Darth Vader and Yoda--SO cute!), a bag I made with SW scored on ebay, etc. He was one happy little dude!

    Happy New Year!