Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Knitting: Age of Brass and Steam!

Hey all! How's it going? So I have been AWOL for the last little bit...sorry about that! The past couple of months have been very full; I've been a bit overwhelmed by all that I have to do and everything that is going on, and frankly I have also been a little discouraged but I am trying to just push on. Okay, enough with that! Who wants to see some knitting?!

Back in August I was injured at work, hurting my right wrist and hand. As a means of getting some of my mobility back with out pushing my wrist too far I picked up a new knitting project - the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief which is a free project available on Ravelry.

I used Madelinetosh DK in Kale which is the top yarn here (the bottom is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Tern in case you're interested). Madelinetosh is one of my absolute most favourite yarns and I ordered these two skeins from Eat.Sleep.Knit which is one of my favourite online yarn shops - all around, just a good time!

I made pretty good progress and the kerchief was done in about four days I think - it did help that Alex wasn't home that week so I basically spent the entire time knitting other than when I went to work. I borrowed my neighbour's blocking boards (since I don't have a set of my own), gave it a nice long soak, and pinned it out for a day. It blocked quite nicely although I'm a tight knitter so it's a teeny bit smaller than I thought it would be (next time I make this I'm going to go up a needle size).

Her ya go, the completed kerchief! Like my artsy photo, hehe?! I tried hanging it up with clothespins and it was just was not working but outside pictures were definitely needed! It turned out so squishy and soft and pretty and I love it!

I actually wore it to work today (sorry for the not-so-good pic - taken with my phone under florescent lights) with my Scottish stag head pin...according to Thomas, this picture is 'vampire porn'. I really adore that pin guys - one of my absolute favourites! I wish this photo were better so that you guys could see the true colours of both the kerchief and the pin - maybe I can get a better pic when I take some of the Damson I finished recently.

Rav'd here: Brass and Steam in Kale


  1. So pretty Kaye! I love the color, it's such a romantic blue-gray! :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you've been discouraged, I go through creative and slumpy phases too. Your kerchief turned out beautifully though!

  3. What a pretty knitted scarf! If you are THIS a bit of a "phunk-phase"...just think of what's in store when you are feeling your best! WOW! that's something to look forward to!