Monday, February 7, 2011

Block-a-Palooza: Geesey-McNinePatch (Block #5)

Welcome everyone! I'm so glad that you could join me and really hope that you enjoy making my block for the Block-a-Palooza quilt-along; if you've never been here before why don't you pull up a chair, put your feet up on my table and hang out for awhile? Alright. let's get started!


5 squares 2.5x2.5" Sunkissed Limeade Summer Garden
4 squares 2.5x2.5" Sunkissed Lemonade Picnic Plaid
24 squares 2.375x2.375" (2 3/8") Moda Bella Solid in Light Lime
6 squares 4.25x4.25" Sunkissed Orangesicle Petals

All seams are 1/4" and the block will measure 12.5x12.5" to finish at 12" square.


We're going to start with constructing our geese - using the "no-waste" method - so first up: a little prep work!

On the wrong side of each of your solid fabric squares draw a line traversing diagonally from point to point.

Pin two of your solid squares to one 4.25x4.25" print square, right sides together, as shown in the picture above. The two solid squares should overlap a bit in the centre.

Sew a 1/4" seam on either side of the lines that you drew using them as a guide.

Using your rotary cutter, cut along the line that you drew so that you now have two triangle halves.

Press your seams towards the solid fabric.

On each of the triangles that you just pressed, pin another solid square so that it is lined up with the top point (flush along the sides of the triangle) and overlaps the solid triangles on the bottom.

Once again, sew 1/4" on either side of the line that you drew on the solid fabric.

Using your rotary cutter, cut through the line that you drew.

Press your seams towards the solid fabric and trim off the extra little "nubbins" so that you have rectangles. Repeat these steps with your remaining solid squares and 4.25" print squares. You have now made your geese - give yourself a little pat on the back, woot!

Now it's time to construct out centre ninepatch!

Lay out your ninepatch as shown in the picture above with your five 2.5" square at the corners and centre and your four 2.5" squares filling in the spaces between.

Sew your squares into rows and then...

Sew your rows together to form the centre ninepatch!

Now here we put the two - geese and ninepatch - together! Do the next step twice so that you have a border for both the top and bottom of your ninepatch:

Line up four geese and sew together to form a strip.

Align your strips at the top and bottom of the ninepatch - the geese at the top should point to the right and the geese at the bottom should point to the left - pin and sew with right sides together. Press seams towards the geese.

Do this next step twice to form your side borders:

Sew six geese together to form a strip. Sew two more geese together and than align at the top of your strip so that the long strip is pointing south and the short strip is pointing east - see above photo for visual.

Reverse one of your side border strips so that the two geese are pointing west. Line up your strips on the left and right-hand sides of your blocks as shown in the picture above and sew with right sides together. Press seams towards the geese.

Look at that - you're done! Now wasn't that fun?

Now if you'd like the PDF just click here! Don't forget that block #6 will be up on Thursday courtesy of Monica of Happy Zombie.

Edit: Some people are having trouble printing the PDF directly from Google Docs. If you are having issues, try downloading the PDF to your computer first before printing.


  1. Love your block!!
    A quilt full of those would look amazing!!!!

  2. What a cute block! I can't wait to start working on it!!

  3. This is lovely. Sooo gorgeous, the design, the color, the fabric choices - everything!

  4. Just finished making this block - it was fun sewing all those flying geese. I'll post a picture to the group if (and when) the sun ever comes out!

  5. i love that flying geese method! other than the quilt-in-a-day template method, that's my favorite! :)

    very sweet block! and i love the name!

  6. Just a quick question because I'm still new to figuring out the measurement. For the solid green squares is the measurement 2 3/4 or 2 3/8?

  7. I love your block and I am going to love this project when it is finished..HOWEVER, I had to go around the world to find your blog and am still waiting for "approval" to be able to get the PDF to download. I've become a follower on your site, now that I have found you.. It does look as if the folks putting this together would have made it a little easier to get to the blocks. This is the second block that I have had to search for a way to get to the instructions. I know you are not responsible, but could you pass this along?

  8. Really cute block! I think you have a typo in your PDF file. You show 2.875 for the 24 geese corners instead of the 2.375 (2 3/8) that you blog version shows

  9. I love that you showed yet another method of making flying geese. I think the quilters will all love learning the different methods so that they can figure out which they prefer. Great block, Kaye! Thanks so much!

  10. Pretty, pretty! Can't wait to do this one :)

  11. This is a beautiful block. I love it. Thanks!

  12. I love your block! I've never made geese before! I'll be making this block this week! :)

  13. Nice block. I like this color
    Greetings from Sweden

  14. This is going to be so much fun! What a super cute block! And yet ANOTHER way to make geese. Woo HOOO! Thanks for the "toot!"

  15. Kaye: Great block! I need to get caught up. This one has me excited!

  16. This is a beautiful block and I enjoyed your instructions. Thank you.

  17. So fun! I love learning a new way to make the flying geese. Beautiful block, too.

  18. Oh great looking block. Thank you. I love the instruction you gave to create the flying geese. I hadn't seen them done that way before. Very cool.

  19. Very nice block with great tutorial - just a plus for newbies to have squaring up size of the geese units as I didn't see it, just use the size of the rest of the block to note it - 2" x 3.5". It might help someone else.

    This is the method of making flying geese that I like to use as they go much quicker and less waste of material/

  20. I loved sewing this block! Never saw this way to make flying geese before. What a fun way to make them. Thanks!

  21. I can't wait to sew this one up! The pinwheel and the gingham together are so sweet. Wonderful job! Thank you.

  22. Love the no waste method for the flying geese! What a great block!

  23. I'm having problems printing the pdf. Is anyone else? It only prints 1/3 of the first page and nothing else.

  24. Hi Karen, I had the same problem. Try saving the original file pdf to your computer and printing that. I eventually got it to work.

  25. I love this method of making geese! Thanks!

  26. Wow! Great job Kaye, it is so pretty. All those geese scare me ;)

  27. I am a little late to the party but better late than never. Love your block. Can't wait to make it.


  28. Ooops! I'm on my third version of this block. My directions had a mistake and all my flying geese show the wrong side of the fabric. I wish I had a computer next to my sewing machine to check the pictures which were correct. (So make sure your directions match the current blog post.)
    Off to the fabric store for more teal :)

  29. HI: There was a typo on your PDF instructions. Should say right sides together for the flying geese. Thankfully I caught it in time before I sewed them aLLL together. I did have a bit of a problem with your method at first, but in then end after making 24 of them I did like it. I was also trying some new thread and my tensions had to be adjusted, nothing like causing my own problems. the one measurement on the one block was off just a bit but I got that okay. All in all a greast block.


  30. Just as an FYI to everyone: there was a mistake in my original directions saying to piece the geese "wrong sides together" instead of "right sides together". This was fixed shortly after the tutorial was put live - if your PDF has the wrong directions please print out the new ones!