Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swap Love!

I had a lovely mail day the other day and received both my mug rug swap and my scrappy hoop swap from my partners! Would you like to see what I got?

This is my scrappy hoop that I received from Safieh! Isn't it pretty? I love the Hope Valley fabrics and the stitching is just beautiful! I have a spot already picked out for it on the wall. Oh, and didn't I say that I'd show you my finished hoop when I received mine in the mail? Well, here ya go!

This is the completed hoop that I made for Krista; she received it a little while ago and really seemed to like it.

And this is the mug rug that I received from Kelly. Isn't it pretty? She dug into her Anna Maria Horner stash and came up with this little beauty. I also love the fabric that she sent along and I can't wait to try out the recipes! You can see the mug rug that I sent to my partner in this post.

I'm slowly but surely working through all of the stuff I need to get done by the end of the semester and thank goodness it will all be over soon! And guess what? Alex gave me tickets to The Nutcracker as my gift for Hanukkah and I can't wait to go!


  1. What lovely treats to receive in the mail.

    Enjoy the Nutcracker. We have a tradition and this year we are going on the 18th. I can't wait either.

  2. awe! those are great treats!!!!!
    WOOHOO! Happy Hanukkah!!! And The Nutcracker! How fun!

  3. Your partner really created a great hoop! Hope you enjoy the Nutcracker and end the semester well!

  4. Those hoops are so adorable!

    Enjoy going to the theatre :) You deserve a lovely night out.

  5. OOHHH....good gets!

    Happy Hanukkah!

  6. Beautiful things you received in the mail! (I also totally LOVE the hoop that you did!).

    Enjoy the Nutcracker. Such a fun holiday event.

  7. they are all so sweet, love them!

  8. Kaye, I haven't had the pleasure of visiting your blog recently, but see you are up to all things good and beautiful, as usual.

    Thank you SO MUCH for all the love you have sent my way. Just seeing your name when you are commenting lights me up. I got your email and will certainly pass that store info on.

    Much love back to you!