Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There is a wisdom of the head, and... a wisdom of the heart. -Charles Dickens

Hey guys! How's everyone's week been going? I have been super-crazy busy with work and quilting, but the crazy work schedule ends at the end of this week and then (I think) I have a week off before school -yay! I say "I think" because inevitably my boss will ask me to come into work and of course I will say yes...but I can dream right?

My Mum wishes to thank everyone who sent her birthday wishes and even told me that I'm allowed to reveal her age...she turned 45...and I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20 (haha!) do the math. Yup, she's a young'un and she looks it too! After I mentioned here on the blog that the pillow I made her would be living on her bed, she sent some pictures to share with you!

Here's the back of the pillow which I didn't originally take a picture of. Sorry I can't tell you what the fabric is on the back - it was a home decorator weight scrap without selvages that I picked up at my LFS. But look, you can see the handmade buttons that I mentioned before!

And here is the pillow on my Mum's bed! The coverlet is coming out a bit more purple than it is in real life but it matches pretty well! It also matches the quilt that I made her for Christmas (please ignore the horrifically bad pictures...and the ugly quilting).

I received a couple of awesome packages this week! Mel sent me some awesome scraps and I got five sets of knitting needles that I needed. I actually bought the needles on eBay and they were wayyyyy cheaper than buying them in the store (yay me)!

Amanda sent me this super-awesome package this week too! She knew that I was missing the Flea Market Fancy print in the middle and offered to send me this fat quarter she had found - woohoo! She also sent along some more fabric and these cute, little zippy-pouches she made. See? Isn't she talented? If you've never visited Amanda's blog, you seriously need to!

As many of you know my siggy swap blocks for round 2 were lost on their way to Julie's house. When I mentioned in the forum that I would not be participating in round 3 because of my bad luck (my blocks for round 1 have not made it to my house yet either even though the deadline was 6 months ago), a bunch of lovely ladies (as well as one boat and a teddy bear, haha!) offered to send me a block from each of them. Those are the blocks in the bottom two rows (and there's still some on the way I think).

When Julie gave me the last update telling me that she still hadn't seen my blocks I told her that I would feel glad if she would use the blocks that I would have received back in one of the charity quilts she was making; however Julie very graciously offered to send me some of the extras anyway and 52 blocks landed on my doorstep from her this week too! Thanks so much to Julie and to all the other ladies who sent blocks my way - you guys are all great and super-awesome!

I've still been quilting and knitting away this week and if all goes well I'll get a lot accomplished next week! Oh, in case anyone is interested I have some fabrics that I'm looking to swap - you can see the fabrics I have here and you can see my ISO list (as well as a longer list of what I have to swap) here! Hope you've had a lovely few days everyone; I'll talk to y'all soon!


  1. What is an ISO? Is that the list you are looking for? Because I have a FQ of Heather Ross horses on blue and I would be interested in trading something. I havent been collecting for long so I dont have much else on that list but that is one print that I did stumble upon.


  2. I just looked at your ISO list & realized I have a bunch of stuff that your looking for! I have the riding clothes, they are my fav so I stocked up, plus I think a fq of ponies! And I have painters palette in moss!

    I'm super jazzed you liked your package!!!! xoxoxo

    ps I hope my absurdly long email wasn't insane.

  3. I would be glad to make you a block. I was in round #1 of the modern siggy swap. I have also traded with some people from group #2 so I can make either block for you. Flickr mail me, sewgentle is my flickr name.

  4. Hi Kaye,
    I would be more than happy to send you a Siggy Swap from round 2. I have a whole extra strip. I have a few fat quarters of the ISO's so I will look to see if they will work.