Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat. -Robert Frost

Hey all! I didn't mention this last month because I was a little sad, but my pet fishy, Uther Pendragon, passed away in July. We don't know exactly what went wrong, but we got a few ideas talking to a guy during our recent visit to the pet store. Why were you at the pet store you ask? Well, let me introduce you to Robert Frost!

(Sorry for the camera reflection...gee it's hard to take a photo of a fish in a bowl!) Isn't he pretty? He's a very friendly fish and that's why I picked him. Alex left the name up to me and I was originally going to name him Gilmore (hah, get it? Gil...more...gosh I kill myself!) but when I looked at him he made me think of Robert Frost and since Frost is one of our favourite poets that's what we went with. Robert Frost is pretty awesome, eh? Okay, I'm talking about the poet now not the fish; I think my favourite poem of his is Acquainted with the Night.

Alright, I know I'm annoying you all with my constant references to super-secret projects but no information... so here's a little sneaky-peeky of something that will be revealed in about a week or so.

Ohhh, pretty Verna! Yup, all will be revealed in a short time...I hope you'll think it was worth the wait! There are still more secret projects in the works, but this one is really exciting (at least for me) and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

Ohhh, guess what I got in the mail recently? Flea Market Fancy!

I found this Flea Market Fancy scrap pack on Etsy for a decent price and just had to have it! The pink daisy dots is a FQ and there are a few prints here that I didn't have already. I don't have a lot of FMF and I'm still missing a number of prints, but what I do have is being worked into the string blocks for my quilt.

And in other FMF news, I found my missing piece of the green daisy dot, yay! I couldn't find it anywhere and found it behind the couch yesterday while getting some batting (I keep my batting in bags behind/under the couch). I don't know how it got there, but I'm very happy! The green daisy dot piece is the first I ever found (in a scrap pack at last year's Creativ Festival) and measures about 1/4 yard.

I think I may hop into bed now with either some knitting or quilt binding because I haven't been feeling so hot for the past few days. It's pretty early here, but I think even just lying down for a bit will make me feel a bit better! Talk you all soon peeps!

P.S. Did you see Melissa's most recent blog post? It's been a standing thing between John, Jennifer, and I that we need to get some t-shirts made with "Quilt Dad is my Homeboy" on them and guess what? Melissa delivered! Now Jennifer and I are just trying to figure out how to get ours to say "Fly Girl" on the back. If you want to know the story, check out John's Quilt Market recap (the story is towards the end where the picture of Jennifer and I is).


  1. May Robert Frost live a long and happy life, surrounded by pretty quilts and FMF and you in your Quilt Dad t-shirt.

    I've been gathering a little FMF recently (someone gives me a few scraps here, I buy a few scraps there), and it's amazing how fast a few scraps can add up.

  2. I made placemats for my mom for mothers day in Verna...LOVE it! Can't wait to see what you made with it!

  3. *sigh* I have a few FMF scraps. I'm obsessing over the grey seeds. They are so hard to find! Anyone have some scraps to sell? Anyone? Anyone? (I think I just channeled the teacher in the Ferris Bueller movie there for a second...)

  4. I don't have any FMF sadly.

    And am I spying a MBS project perhaps? ;)

    beautiful... no doubt.

  5. Ooh, I just finished a quilt using Verna. It is THE best.

  6. Tease! If I had to guess... it would be something Quilty. ; )

    Robert Frost is lovely.

  7. Which FMF are you missing?! I found 2 fat quarters in a local shop of the green posies...I was going to swap one if you'd like it!!!!!
    Also, feel better...and what are you knitting!!!!

  8. Hello Mr. Frost!

    Can't wait to see your project :0)


  9. Your fish looks very cute :)

    We never had too much luck with those guys though...

    Is that Verna in your latest project!?


  10. Lucky you to score the flea market fancy. That is a wonderful line. You are so creative!

  11. I am sorry to hear abotu Uther Pendragon. Congrats on Robert Frost, he looks quite happy in his bowl.

    Your sneak peek looks lovely!