Monday, June 21, 2010

"The Garden Path" Revealed!

Ach! I have been remiss in posting pictures of the quilts I designed to show at Quilt Market last month, but I'm showing another now. In case you missed it, I showed the first pattern (which is now rechristened just "Euclid") in this post.

I just finished up classes for the Summer on Thursday and so you can be expecting to see me around these parts more often (gosh, I only just realized it's been over a week since my last post)! This Summer I'll be working, have a wedding to attend in just over a week, and will be quilting up a storm for some exciting projects I have coming up.

Alright, so you wanna see the quilt right? Here she is (click on the picture to get a better view)...

Her name is "The Garden Path"; she's pretty, right? With the exception of the white cotton, and the blue print (from the Paulina collection by Pat Sloan for P&B) in the border and binding, all of the prints are from the Verna collection by Kate Spain. Do I really need to say again how much I love Kate? She rocks and is super nice and sweet!

I absolutely adore the sort of "double windmill" design that comes out in this pattern. It might be a little difficult to see in this picture since the colours seem to be something a little wonky, but if you look closely you'll notice that in the centre of each set of four white "windmills" there is another squatter "windmill" done in one of the pink/red prints from the collection (geez, that one in the bottom left hand corner really sticks out, doesn't it?).

Oh wait! Would you like to see some process pics?

Here's a pic from when I was trying to decide which fabric to use for the border...

And here's a pic from when I was quilting (the first round...I figured I must have jinxed myself when I ended up having to pull the quilting out of the whole thing and so didn't take pictures the second time).

This quilt, along with Euclid, will be living with me and are actually the first two quilts that I've made that I'll actually be keeping - very exciting stuff! I don't have any pictures of it right now, but this quilt also had a pieced back (with a vertical stripe of blocks) using Verna and unbleached cotton muslin.

If there's enough interest, I may post a tutorial for making the blocks in this quilt (with all the math figured out for you and everything)! So go ahead and comment away and I'll see what I can do!


  1. This is a wonderful quilt. Your very generous to consider a tutorial; I's certainly like one. Thank you.

  2. Your Garden Path is a beauty! I think that I would want to keep her also :0)

  3. Yes, please on the tutorial! This turned out gorgeous. I love the windmill effect.

  4. I love it!!!!!!!
    You're right about that hot pink windmill, sure does stand out (I like it). There is certainly a lot happening in it, I could stare at it for hours! I love the fabric paterns too :)

  5. Looks great Kaye! I like the darker red windmill - I thought you did it on purpose, and I thought, why don't I think of things like that?

  6. So very pretty! I have never been a fan of math ;)

  7. Hi Kaye,

    Thanks for sharing! I love how the dark red windmill pops! Can't believe you had the patience to rip out the quilting and do it all over again.

    It was cool to see the fabrics you auditioned for the border. I love seeing process pics!

  8. Great quilt and I LOVE the pattern. A tutorial would be amazing. The prints are wonderful and the "almost solid" red block is perfect!

  9. I just saw your quilt on flickr. Did you ever make a tutorial? I'd love to make one like that. Thanks!