Thursday, April 1, 2010

A lovely package from a lovely friend!

A few weeks ago the Liberty of London collection for Target debuted, and since I'm in Canada and we don't have Target - shame on you Target! And also shame on you for not even shipping to Canada - that is ridiculous! On that note did you know that even though we have the Gap in Canada that they don't ship to Canada either - wrap your brain around that little tidbit... sorry for that...went off on a little rant there for a sec! Anyway, as I was saying we don't have Target in Canada so my dear friend Jennifer, aka Jennifer "Big Potatoes" Davis, offered to pick me up a few things when the collection debuted. It was really quite funny! Jennifer went to Target on the morning it came out and, armed with her BlackBerry, sent me pictures as she went through the store via BlackBerry Messenger and I also looked at what was available online (which I found out was not even a fraction of what was actually available in store); we talked the whole time and it was almost as if we were shopping together. We had an absolute ball!

Unfortunately though, my package got stuck in Canadian customs in Quebec for about a week and a half and just arrived today - not cool, but I am sooooooo happy it finally arrived! Do you wanna see it? Yes? Okay!

By the way, do you like my extra-awesome skills at removing my address from view? Oh ya, that's how I roll...really, I just got a little lazy this time around. I tried to get a good picture of the cute kawaii packing tape Jennifer used, but it didn't work out so well. And yes, those are Alex's feet...and a camel looming in the background.

I bet you'd actually like to see what's in the box, wouldn't you?

Here's the first little batch of goodies! Jennifer's sweet daughter Liberty picked out the candy for me, and I think she did a great job! When I saw the wallet on the left I absolutely fell in love and I think it was the first thing that I asked Jennifer to grab for me. Jennifer picked out the mini-journal set and pad-folio for me (these weren't online), and also sent along a cute pen and a slew of fabric labels. Most of the labels are storybook based and I absolutely adore the Anne of Green Gables ones.

Here's the cute pyjama set I picked out. The fabric for the top actually matches my wallet, teehee. I love this set because of its vintage-feel and because the pieces are a little mismatchy - so good! I was thinking about bringing these to Market originally for sleepwear, but upon seeing them in real life they might be a little skimpy. Alex actually referred to this set as pyjam-erie (combination of pyjamas and lingerie), he's a pretty funny boy!

And last, but not least, is the cute top I picked out. It came out that Jennifer actually bought one of these for herself before I requested it - I think we should wear them at the same time...oh ya, that'd go over well! We'll at least need to get a photo of us wearing them together!

Sorry about the pic, I tried to take a picture of it hanging up but couldn't get a place with sufficient light, so the table it was! If you'd like to see it on the Target site for a better view, go here. Jennifer got me the extra small, but it's actually a bit too big, so I think I'm going to have to take it in. The armpit area is really droopy, so I'll start with that area and then see if I need to take it in any more after. I don't mind the loose fit of it at all, but I don't really care for droopy armpits, teehee!

Thanks Jennifer! You rock and I love you sooooo much! I owe you a giant three-scoop ice cream cone with a waffle cone and sprinkles at Market! Would you like syrup too? Funnily enough, there is already another package from Jennifer on its way to me and I am in the middle of putting together a package for her too.

I've just put a recipe tab over in the sidebar under "My Tutorials" so that any recipes I post are easily accessible; check it out! Only one more week until school is done (although I do have an extension on one of my papers past that) and I'm down to five things that are due. Phew, I am getting pretty tired but I'm just trying to "keep on keepin' on", wish me luck everyone!


  1. That wallet is too die for! I may have to get one for myself.

    Love the pjs and the top also. I am also an xsmall and I have the same problem. Won't you and Jennifer look cute at market...styling it girls!

    Have fun writing your paper. Can't wait to see the next package ;0)

  2. the liberty stuff at target is target was mostly picked over by the time i got to it. bummer, and bummer about no target in canada!!! ridiculous!!! you have a wonderful friend to do that for you

  3. How cute! I haven't been to Target yet to check out the Liberty of London stuff. Isn't get packages fun? My best girlfriend in Australia sends me the most awesome things- like a hand sewing with Jane Austen book which is NOT available here in the US, can you believe it!?!?

    Also, I think I may have hated you for a minute (a short minute) at the xs being too big. . .

  4. I got a couple of my friends to go shopping for me too - I couldn't bear to not get any of it...although they are seliing it now at libertys in London, so I might have to go buy even more stuff!!!

    The PJ set is too cute...but a little skimpy for sleepovers, maybe just for Alex's eyes ;)

  5. Yay! How cute.

    I can't believe there's no Target in Canada. We even have Target in Australia! You guys need to get one!

  6. Haha! That day was so much fun! It only could've been more fun if you were actually there with me! Glad you liked your goodies! Hugs!
    PS Todd says "Wow. She's a really good blogger." Teehee!

  7. don't you just LOVE happy mail. i just saw the collection the other day and was FLOORED. it felt very heather bailey/amy butler 'ish'. and the clothing is fabulous. i actually photographed some tops on my cell phone to send to a friend that day - ha. cheers to great design and at affordable prices too. HUGE HUGS!

  8. Good luck with your paper. I want to come to quilt market with you!! You're going to have a blast. That would be so much fun if your wore the same tops!

  9. Jennifer might actually be the best friend ever! I cannot believe what a sweet thing she did for you! ...and you guys have awesome taste! I adore that little wallet!

    ...and seriously Kaye... an extra small??? Good grief! You and my sister should hang out!

    When are we going to quilt market??? heheheh. I wish.