Sunday, November 29, 2009

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest -Mark Twain

I wanted to blog so many times this week, but I’m just heading into the last two weeks of my first semester of graduate school and things have been mighty crazy! I can not believe how fast it’s gone – it feels like I’ll be a full-fledged librarian in no time! In the next two weeks however, I have two papers, a synopsis, a (ridiculous) tutorial write-up, and a giant presentation (which somehow involves me embroidering a data flow diagram) to do; here’s to hoping I make it through! *The winner of the Hazel Hipster giveaway is named at the end of this post*
Last Friday I went to a certain local fabric store to check out a college textile studio sale. I picked up a set of handmade coasters and a hand-printed set of fabric napkins, and I also bought a couple of fat quarters from the new Rouenneries collection by French General for Moda. The napkins are for me, but the coasters will be part of a Christmas present.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be going to this fabric store again (I don’t want to mention the name because I think that would be mean). They have beautiful fabrics and a lovely space, but I have been completely ignored every time I’ve gone in. I’ve tried saying hello to the staff and the owner, and have not even received a grunt of acknowledgement in return. No one offers any sort of help, or asks what project you’re working on, or even tries to appear pleasant. I have friends who feel the same and as such have not returned or only go when they really need something specific and can’t wait for it to be shipped if they order online. Apparently they’re really nice to certain Torontonians, but evidently I do not qualify for that category. It really is a shame, because it is a beautiful space, but considering how expensive it is to buy fabrics, etc there I would most definitely expect a higher level of service, or service in any form.

So, I know this is going to sound a little odd since I just finished a giveaway, but I’ll be taking part in Sew, Mama, Sew!’s annual giveaway day on December 2nd (yes, that’s Wednesday). I hadn’t realized it was coming up so fast or else I would have closed the Hazel Hipster giveaway a few days earlier. Oh well! This giveaway day is awesome – basically hundreds of people post giveaways to their blogs (have to be handmade items or supplies) and then Sew, Mama, Sew! compiles a list of them and posts the list on their blog. It’s a huge thing! If you’ve never taken part in giveaway day, I encourage everyone to check it out and enter as many giveaways as possible!
I’m sorry that this week has not been a very exciting one in my life! Genevieve and I have been sewing up some Christmas presents, but I can’t show them to you because some of the recipients read my blog, oh well!

The winner of The Hazel Hipster pattern from Two Peas in a Pod Designs is Meg (Megara) of Curls & Coffee who is both a follower and a fellow Canadian, yay Meg! Send me an email and I’ll mail the pattern out to you!


  1. HUGE hugs my sweet friend, it sounds like you are needing it right about now. chin up, shoulders back and press on! you do not need to support someone that will not even acknowledge you are there, that is someone that does not deserve your business. you have bigger fish to fry with schoolwork, i am SO proud of you. that has always been a dream job of mine. i think i'm a library stalker of sorts - i love books so much. have a great day. love you and HUGE hugs! rachel

  2. There used to be a quilt shop in Toronto (that has since closed) that was just as bad. I have a feeling I know which one you're speaking of. I haven't been there yet but am not surprised, knowing some of the personalities involved.

  3. first semester almost done! Yea! Great a nice little break before it starts all over again :>)

  4. Ugh! I can not stand snooty quilt shops! And its seems as if there are a lot of them! Take your money elsewhere, girlfriend! They don't know what they're missing out on!

  5. nice work! i love it! mmm not the attitude though...what were they thinking?

  6. I live in Kingston and have visited two quilt shops in Toronto. At one, I was literally laughed at when I phoned to find directions to the shop via the TTC. And told that I should inquire at the TTC. Wow. At the other. staff were really nice once and ignored me the second time. I would love to know by an email, if you are so inclined, where you DO like to shop in the GTA.

  7. awwwww. That really sucks re your experiences at THAT store. I know that store well, and feel a little defensive about it because it's my local refuge from the world!

    Having said that, it is true that the owner and staff will leave customers to their own devices and wait until they are asked for assistance. I can see how that comes off as snobby, especially if the staff are talking amongst themselves.

    Ironically, I just had a conversation with the owner on Tuesday about the awful experience I had a couple of years ago at a certain knitting place, being not welcomed as a non-knitter who brought some embroidery to a stitch'n'bitch (heaven forbid!). I've never been back since! But now I'm wondering if I should give it another try and speak up, as opposed to walking away angry and saying nothing.

    The owner and staff have been nothing but helpful and supportive of every silly/stupid question I've had... but only when I've piped up and asked the question. Otherwise, I'm left alone, which I don't mind.
    But that's no excuse for bad customer service...

  8. yay for me!!! i can't believe i won, and i totally missed my name at the bottom of this post!!! i definitely read the posts before and after this one, and missed this one somehow, so i feel very silly :) thanks so much Kaye!! yay :)

  9. I hear what you're saying. As an "amateur" crafter, I sometimes feel really put down (or put out!) by the attitude in crafty shops, especially specialty shops. I often hear myself asking a question, but always apologizing for it first.

    Also, I've definitely noticed a correlation between the level of friendliness and the level of craft or art education. I have had my entry level craftyness smirked at by textile/fashion students for sure.

    Well, I certainly can't apologize for them. Bad customer service is just bad for business. Especially in times like these. If you change your mind and you're not bogged down in school, there's a christmas stitch'n'bitch next Tuesday at the-place-that-won't-be-named. I'll be there, working shyly in a corner!

  10. I've always had a secret desire to go back and get masters to be a librarian. Color me jealous!