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Kaye was a great asset in my search for my family's ancestry.  I had attempted to work with another genealogist prior to reaching out to her and didn't have a positive experience.  As a result, I was initially reluctant.  However, Kaye responded quickly and efficiently.  

Before too long, I had a clear, concise report which I was able to share with my father and other members of his family.  They were thrilled with the information Kaye uncovered and with the manner in which she presented it.  As a result, based on my request, Kaye was able to do more research and provide yet another report which was as concise, organized, and fascinating.

In short, I highly recommend Kaye to assist with genealogy research.  This was a wonderful journey and my family is extremely grateful for her role in this process.

-John Bartley, Atlanta GA


Kaye has broken through numerous brick walls in my family’s history, both here in the US and overseas.  She is highly responsive, and unfailingly patient and helpful in explaining sources and in resolving discrepancies.  I leave not just with information I was seeking, but additional insight into how to think about and approach thorny genealogical problems.  She is a model of what a professional genealogist should be in all regards,  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Sharon Roth, Oak Brook IL

I worked with Kaye Prince as part of a huge family history project that I had been working on since 1974. I had worked with other genealogists over the years. Now, there is a tendency today when reading reviews on line to just look at the first line or two. So I caution the reader to read my entire paragraph about Kaye before passing judgment. Kaye never gave me what I wanted. Instead, she gave me things I never dreamed of because I didn't know that they existed. After several people told me that no records existed, Kaye managed to find all sorts of documents. My family tree grew exponentially as a result. I recommend Kaye's services wholeheartedly.

-Michael Melnick, Pittsburgh PA

Kaye has been helping research my family tree for the past 2 years. At first, she would comment on posts on Facebook with helpful   tips. I then engaged her to research my family more completely. She has a brilliant memory for details. She also provided a detailed report after each family "breakthrough" that was  easy to follow and gave ideas of where to follow-up. I highly recommend Kaye.

-Hilary Levine, Fresno CA

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