Thursday, August 1, 2013

Awesome Gifty Goodness!

Hey y'all! In my last post, I mentioned that my lovely friend Amanda had sent me a couple of presents in the mail before I sent her the Lumos/Nox mini quilt - I thought I'd share those awesome presents with you today!

So, here's what happened: Amanda pretty much decided that I wasn't allowed to buy the black Harry Potter screen print from her Etsy shop! I really wanted to pay her for it (since her stuff is super-awesome) but she said that I wasn't allowed and that she was just going to send it to me - I couldn't even get around her because she refused to set up Canadian shipping for me. Cheeky lady! Imagine my surprise when it arrived along with one of Amanda's Knight Bus totes!

I snapped this pic of myself with my tote the day after it arrived (and yes, that is the bathroom at work)! I love my little tote! The purple ink used to screen print the Knight Bus has a sparkle to it and is so pretty - it's also lined with fabric from an HP sheet set. If you like this little beauty, Amanda has another for sale in her shop along with a bunch of other super-geeky funness including some Doctor Who drawstring pouches and individual screen prints on fabric - there are usually more screen prints but she just sold a whole bunch of stuff including some awesome zipper pouches. You should definitely check out her sold items to get a feel for her handmade items.

I stole this shot from Amanda's Instagram (with permission of course) of the Lumos/Nox quilt up on her wall! I love the wall it's on and the fact that it's paired up with Superman (who, if you didn't know, is my favourite superhero). P.S. I am also on Instagram and my username is KayePrince, just in case you wanted to know, y'know.

Next up, I've got a brand-new, long-awaited, much-requested tutorial for y'all! A hint: I made the original quilt over four years ago, but have continued to get requests for a pattern or tutorial over the years. I'm not even kidding, even though it is four years old, in the past month or so alone I have had at least four different people ask about it. So, I figured why not?! The tutorial is done other than getting a shot of the quilt top - which I will do once it stops raining (seriously, stop raining!!).

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