Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Week so Far + the Giveaway Winner!

So, I know in my last post I said that I would be sharing a completed quilt with you this week...well, that just ain't gonna happen! Over the weekend my sewing machine decided to throw an unexpected tantrum (snapped thread, skipped stitches, etc) and is currently in the shop waiting for the Janome man to fix her. Ho hum. This is the first time in many years that there has not been a sewing machine in my house and it is making me quite sad - on top of that I'm on deadline for some publishing stuff and may just have to hand sew some projects together. And no, I'm not talking the "fun" kind of hand sewing but the kind that involves straight stitching for ages. Oh well, I've still got a few other projects (knitting and cross stitch) that I can work on while I wait.

I did get these fun stickers yesterday though so the week hasn't been a total wash. These little guys are really fun - they look like washi but are sticker sheets and come 27 sheets to a tin (you can also get other patterns with or without the in).

I do have something really fun to share with y'all but I need to double-check with some peeps and make sure that it's okay for me to let it out of the bag right now! Oh, one thing I can mention though - did you know that Pretty in Patchwork Holidays is now available for pre-order on Amazon?! I know, I am so excited! For those of you who don't remember or weren't hanging around these parts when I first mentioned it - Pretty in Patchwork Holidays is a collaborative work put together by John Q. Adams (none other than Quilt Dad himself) and features new designs by many popular bloggers/crafters including yours truly. I'll talk some more about the book when it comes out in August but you can read a bit more about my project - the Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar - in this post I wrote when the ebook was released.

The second round of Sew Mama Sew's Fat Quarter Idol is going on right now - this week's theme is Meet Me at the Picnic! Now doesn't that sound like fun? If you're interested in participating head on over to this post at Sew Mama Sew for all the details and if you want to know some of the criteria that I'm using for my portion of the judging you can read about it here. And yes, I do know who won the first round, but no, I'm not going to tell you. All will be revealed over at SMS on Friday!

So I bet you wanna know who won the super-awesome Basic Grey pattern giveaway, right? Well, without further ado, the winner is...

Charlotte of Twelthzodiac

Congratulations Charlotte! Please send me an email with your mailing address and I will get your patterns out to you - and thanks so much to everyone who entered!


  1. Just catching up on my blog reading before bed...and holy cow! This is exciting! I am sooo not sleepy anymore! :)

  2. Love those stickers! Any info that would help me locate them? (brand, store?) Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura! I actually found the stickers on eBay and they're made by Afrocat (which I think is a company out of Seoul) - I just did a search for "masking sticker set" and they come up. Don't know if you'd be able to buy them from a North American supplier though.

  3. Hi! I didn't want to comment on the giveaway post but I think it's so fun you are giving away that FQ bundle!! I'm glad you like it! I was worried I would be the only one!