Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I've Got a Free Pattern for You: Norwegian Star Cross Stitch

Hey all! How's it going?! I am on day two of being unemployed and while I'm enjoying the little bit of free time, it does feel incredibly odd to be home during the week. I am trying to keep myself busy by applying to jobs, cleaning and organizing, getting myself sorted out to do some serious sewing, and writing up some new patterns - eeek! I have actually had a few items done for awhile that I wanted to write patterns for but just hadn't had the chance to do it, but now that I have the time I'm hoping to get everything hammered out soonlishly.

This is what I looked like yesterday on day one; I'm wearing my new Crywolf t-shirt and the big wooly socks I knit - this right here is basically my homebody uniform (and can I just say how nerve-wracking it was to make the decision to put my early morning, no-makeup face up here). Taking this picture reminded me of a little pattern I wrote up and hadn't posted here yet. Note the snazzy, cross stitched case on my iPhone...

When I first got my iPhone I knew immediately that it was going to need some sort of crafty case. I started seeing perforated cross stitch cases popping and knew that was the way to go for me! There are many different brands and types of these cases on the market, and as such they all have different stitch counts - my case is about 22 stitches (or little x's) wide by about 41 stitches high, minus the opening for the camera and the rounded edges.

This little star design is based on a traditional Norwegian weaving motif that can be found on tapestry's and blankets (edited a little though as the traditional motif has a few more elements thrown in). I had originally intended to continue around the star in alternating colour bands, varying the width as I went along, and filling the entire back, but I had to stop at this point one day and I actually kind of like how it looks with the contrasting black. I may continue with the bands though now - you can be the judge for yourself though.

The design above (which is included with the free pattern) shows all of the bands covering the back so that it can be stitched up just as I originally envisioned or one could simply stop at any point along the way with as many bands as they'd like. Since, as I mentioned above, the stitch counts change depending on which case you purchase, you may need to to lengthen or shorten some bands if using this pattern - really the idea is just to start at the middle and keep going around and around and around until you're satisfied. I think that this cross stitch pattern would also look stupendous on items other than an iPhone case too!

The free pattern includes the colour stitch image shown above, a symbol chart, and colour key in one PDF. Please note that although the chart and colour key will denote the use of black floss, this is not necessary. I simply used the black stitches to indicate the presence of the camera hole and rounded edges of the case. Just click on the link below and away you go (and remember to upload your finished products to the Flickr group)!

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  1. OMG, I should look so good without makeup! The pattern is adorable, too!!