Monday, April 9, 2012

For the Love of Tula...Pink that is!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to y'all! The past week has been a whirl of organizing, paperwork filing, and just general busyness; I feel like haven't really accomplished much, even though I did do a number of things that were on my to-do list (that I would have rather just put off) and I made a new quilt top (yippee!). Alex and I also went and saw The Hunger Games (which I thought was fab!) so I guess there were a few things!

Now y'all know how much I love Tula Pink, right?! That girl is awesome - so friendly, so warm and genuine, and of course super-crazy talented (I mean seriously)! When I first met Tula I must say that I was a little bit intimidated and in awe, but she made me comfortable fairly quickly with her big personality and sharp sense of humour, and with her willingness to work and play with everyone. Her mum (who owns The Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville, MO) is also awesome. I have made a fair number of items using Tula's fabrics (some of which still haven't made it, and won't for a bit, to the blog) and many of those items have been my favourites including the Get Stacked quilt. I have two things I want to share with you today, neither is a quilt and one was actually a gift for the lovely lady herself.

You may have seen this particular item on Miss Tula's blog just a few weeks ago. After hanging with Tula at Quilt Market last May I knew immediately that I needed to make her a little giftie to thank her for being not only just an all round super-cool chick but also to let her know how much I appreciated her kindness and friendship. Unfortunately, it did take me longer to complete and then mail out than I originally intended so it only arrived at it's destination back in February.

I based the cross stitch on Tula's Modern Alphabet quilt pattern; each letter is 1x1" and the whole thing took one to two weeks to complete (I think - Alex was away at the time so it is entirely possible that all I did was cross stitch the whole time he was gone). I have been told that this little guy is getting framed and put up on the wall in Tula's studio - now isn't that nice?!

The second item I made that has a connection to Tula is Anna Graham's Go Anywhere Bag! This pattern rocks and this particular bag was actually my second time making it (the first one was a gift and hasn't made it to recipient yet, but will be blogged once it has). The Tula connection comes from the print on the outside pockets and handles which is Dandelion in Indigo from Tula's Prince Charming collection (the other exterior fabric is 100% natural linen). This bag was already in heavy-use (read: everyday) for about a month before this picture was taken so it's not quite as fresh as it could be.

The main interior fabric is Flower Fields in Sunglow from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow, and the pockets (there are two since I added one - the one on the other side of the interior is split evenly in two) as well as the outer pocket linings are Kona Medium Grey.

I didn't have any piping on hand, or supplies to make any, but I really liked the look of the purse's in Anna's pattern that featured piping, so instead I decided to bind the edge of the both of the outer pockets (you can't see it in these pictures but there is also a large pocket on the backside of the bag). I believe that my original binding strips were cut to 1.25" wide, then I ironed to create double fold binding, and just top stitched the binding to the bag.

Can I just say again how much I love this Tula print?! I almost had a little heart attack when I went to use it for this bag because this is all I had so now it's all gone - I know that some retailers still carry it but since I have been unemployed for a week now I probably shouldn't be buying any fabric, right?! Love it though!


  1. Both of these are a great! I'm not a cross-stitcher myself but I've always thought it was cool and I love the alphabet design as well as the fabrics you choose for your purse! Very cool!

  2. LOVE your cross stitch, that is just too cool! And your new bag is super cute! My current purse is a Go Anywhere Bag! :)

  3. I find your blog so inspiring.

  4. Love your version of the alphabet and that great noodlehed bag. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That cross stitch is amazing! I have the quilt pattern that I'm excited to try. Love, love, love me some Tula :) Great bag, too - Anna's designs are great!

  6. Your exterior pattern fabric is a great choice. Jealous.
    I love how you've used your own binding for the pockets. Great idea. I can never go wrong with one of Noodlehead's Anna's patterns.

  7. What a modern twist on a cross-stitch alphabet sampler.
    I love the exterior fabric choice for the bag! Anna's Noodlehead news patterns are my go to favorites.