Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quilt Market Spring 2011: Vol. 4

You want to see more pictures from Quilt market you say? Well, here we go! Today I'll be showing some of the "other" booths - you know the ones that don't fall into one of the bigger categories I've already done, or Moda (which I'll be doing next along with a little giveaway, so stay tuned). Oh first, one piece of business - my pattern Itching to be Stitching is on sale for a little more than 50% off right now as part of Meylah's weekly special so if you've been eyeing it now is the time to get it!

Oh Kona, my love! I loved the Kona booth a lot - just look at all the lovely colours and wealth of solids just splashed about! I want one of those solids Bounty of Basics boxes so much (or both actually) and did you know that Kona actually makes the boxes for a bunch of their basics and blenders? Very cool. Kona also gave me a colour card while I was in their booth and I literally jumped for joy - seriously, I was so ridiculously excited about it!

The Birch booth! I love Birch fabric - it is all just so gorgeous and the colours are amazing! The quilt in this picture was done by the super-talented Elizabeth and I think it is ridiculously stunning!

Birch is also reprinting certain prints from it's Circa 60: Beach Mod collection including one of my favourite prints ever - Happy Campers (which I actually don't own by the way which is very very sad)! I completely missed getting pictures of their soon-to-be-released Storyboek collection but let me tell you it is awesome!

Echino! Really there's nothing more to say about it than that! And guys, now I really know for sure that there are pictures missing from my camera because I know for certain that I took pictures of Heather Ross' Far Far Away III collection when I was in this booth because they had a wall of it that was amazing! Yup, something seriously weird happened - I'm going to blame it on the altitude in Salt Lake City...yup, I am.

And now for some Paula Prass love! Here is Paula's booth featuring her new line Botanika and even though her new fabric is gorgeous (and I will definitely be getting some) this little section will not be about that. I don't think I can ever express how much I love, like (yes, love and like are two different things), and respect Paula, and I know that I will never be able to really let her know just how much her encouragement and kind words have meant to me. Paula and I first "met" each other online a bit over two years ago when, after showing him a picture of some of Paula's fabric online, Alex bought me some; I left a comment on Paula's blog telling her about it and letting her know how much I loved her work and she actually wrote back to me! Since then I have continued to be inspired by her life and work and am in constant awe of her talent, beauty, and strength. We finally had the chance to meet at this Market and I can tell you it was a real highlight of my time there - Paula (and her daughter Jennifer too!) is just as warm, kind, gracious, and giving in person as she seems online. I love you Paula and I hope you know that.

And last, but not least, for today is the Figgy's booth! Um, so ya, I think Karen and Shelly are pretty flippin' awesome and they are a true example of the power of the online craft community - they met on Flickr, yup Flickr, and even though they live thousands of miles apart, they run their pattern business together across that distance and have been making a real success of it!

Here is Shelly peeking out from behind one of their super-cute jacket designs! I didn't manage to get a picture of Karen because she had gone traipsing off somewhere by the time I remembered to take my camera out! See that chair there behind Shelly? Ya, that was another of my sit down and stop spots - I think I spent almost an hour in that chair on Sunday morning before I left for the airport. Thanks girls, not only for letting me borrow your chair, but also for being so super-awesome and fun!

Alright, that's it for now but I'll be back soon with my final Market post and all the Moda goodness!


  1. Oh Kaye - you're the sweetest! I hope I'll get to see you again when I make it back to the olde country!


  2. I love that Birch Quilt! And there is a Far Far Away III? Wow! And oh that Paula Prass fabric, wonderful!Thanks for sharing :)