Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quilt Market Spring 2011: Vol. 3

Alright, who's ready for Free Spirit part 2?! Woot, let's go! Let's start off today with the ever-sweet Valori Wells' booth - Val is my girl and I love her to bits and pieces! She really is one of the most generous, giving, and kind people I have ever met and I am super-lucky to call her my friend (and super-lucky that she always had a place for me to sit in her booth when my feet got tired)!

Now isn't that painting in Val's booth just fantastic?! And the quilt on the bed is one of the most lovely things I've ever felt - it was voile with silk batting, yum! I am always in love with Val's colours and her new collection Wrenly does not disappoint!

I spent a good amount of time sitting on this gorgeous couch (and the orange chair next to it that can't be seen in the picture - actually now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I was sitting on the chair while taking this picture) and just in case you want proof, take a look at Val's post here! On the Saturday I spent over an hour hanging in Val's booth, first with her mum the uber-talented Jean Wells (who I also *heart* a whole lot) and then with Val. I may have also spent some more time there on both Friday and Sunday with Val and Carolyn, but Saturday was definitely the longest stretch. My poor footsies appreciated it more than you know Val!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of me and Val - boo, I know! But what do you think of Val's awesome fabric and copper wall hanging? Or the cool fabric birdcage? Frankly, I could have lived in Val's booth for sure!

Hmmmm, let's see...who's next? Well why not Joel Dewberry? Gotta represent the men in the quilting industry don't we? And I mean really - he's Joel - he's awesome!

Here's some of the samples from Joel's upcoming line Heirloom ; the colours are absolutely gorgeous and you can see a small peek of one of the other sample sets in the photo below.

I thought this chair was just beautiful and wanted to take it home with me so bad - it would match our living room perfectly! The skirts that Joel's wife, Laurie, designed are really pretty and I think they'd be super-flattering.

Here are some of the patterns and purse samples made out of the laminate! Laminate = yum! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Joel's full booth because it always seems to be packed with people but you can see the full thing over here on Joel and Laurie's blog.

And last, but definitely not least by any stretch of the imagination, is one of my favourite people - Tula Pink! Tula is totally awesome (as are her mum, Kathy, and brother, Cam) and is one of the funnest people to hang out with. On Saturday night when I was venturing out to meet Val and Carolyn for drinks I ran into Tula, Kathy, Cam, Mark (a new designer with Free Spirit) and his wife Cara; they ended up coming along with me for drinks and we had a really great night!

Tula had her patterns displayed along the back of her booth with curtains made out of a print from her new Prince Charming line' Prince Charming is gorgeous by the way! The colours are very similar to those used in Neptune but the tones are deeper and richer (in my humble opinion of course) and I think that creates a higher impact, more saturated feel. I can not wait to get my hands on some so that I can start a new quilt!

Quilts hanging on the right side of the booth quilted by the super-talented Angela Walters of course! Did you know that Angela has a book on machine quilting coming out with Stash books - woot!

Here are the quilts on the left side of the booth! Loving the cover buttons on the Crown Jewels quilt and the one on the right (Snow Globes) has the amazing giant frog backing that we've all been drooling over lately! Again, I didn't get the best pictures of the whole booth but rest assured it was awesome - Tula won second place for best single booth! If you need photo confirmation check out her post here!

Alright, well that's it for this post! What do you want next? Moda? The organic cottons? Some pattern companies? Everything else (haha!)?


  1. I love the Tula Pink fabrics!

  2. Love Prince Charming...way too cool!

  3. Ahhh so gorgeous.. Im so jealous you got to go.. Thanks for sharing pictures, So we could relive it. xx Im so in love with taht chair too! AMAZING... im going to go op shop hunting to find one for me.. xx