Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilt Market Spring 2011: Vol. 1

Hey all! I got back from Quilt Market after midnight on Sunday night (flight delays and holding over the airport made for a much longer trip than anticipated) and am so excited to start sharing everything with you! It was a great time, but I am super-tired right now and have a minor ear infection from the change in altitude from Toronto to Salt Lake City (the difference is almost 4000 feet!) - no worries though, I went to the doctor yesterday and should be right as rain in a few days! As many of you know Blogger went down on Wednesday (and all of the comments left on my last post have since disappeared), so I'm pretty happy that I didn't lug along my laptop to SLC!

I have so much to share about Quilt Market so I'm going to divide it all up into a few posts over the next week or so! It was so fun staying with Jennifer and Doe, and really awesome to see some of my peeps again like John, Julie, Monica, Val, and Scott. It was truly awesome to finally meet some of my other peeps in person such as Heather, Katy, Tula, Erin, Aneela, Amy, Mel, Thomas, and Mo, and to meet some awesome new peeps like Kristen! Geez, I'm wracking my brain right now to make sure that I didn't forget anyone - I met and saw so many people this year that it all seems like such a whirl!

Let's see, where shall we start? How about with the super-awesome Julie of Jaybird Quilts? Hurray!

Here's Julie posing all sassily in her booth; isn't she just too cute?! I really liked her booth and thought that it was well laid out - all of the colours were just gorgeous too!

I love that not all of the quilts were hung completely straight and vertical, it added a lot of interest to the walls and I felt it was a reminder of the fact that the quilts we love and use are very rarely all neat and tidy. I'm probably reading a lot into Julie's choice to hang the quilts in that manner, but that's how it made me feel.

And who should be right across the aisle from Julie? Why, the super-talented Lizzy House of course! I'm sure those ladies had a great time together!

Here's Lizzy in her booth gazing into her imaginary mirror - too cute I say! The colours on 1001 Peeps are just amazing and I am so sad that Andover sold out of it before I got to their table at sample spree. Lizzy had the chaise that she's lounging on custom made for her booth and had one of her prints printed onto home dec weight fabric to cover it - it was pretty awesome let me tell you!

One of the really neat things that Lizzy had in her booth was an iPad rotating pictures and pages from her upcoming book publication (which is available for presale now). I loved all of the little details in Lizzy's booth including the hanging lamps, pillows (which were sewn by the lovely Amanda), mini notebooks, and flowers.

I have so much more to share with you guys but there's a few snippets from my first day walking the floor. I'll be back soon with more pics and some fun news that I'm waiting to share until I receive a picture from someone else! Have a good day y'all!


  1. I like the poses!! Glad you were able to attend!

  2. I want Lizzy's fainting couch!!!!

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  4. It was so great to see you & catch up a bit!! Thanks for sharing photos of my booth... and my pose... lol!

  5. I actually helped Lizzy out with one of her quilts. She was desperate and reached out to the modern quilt guild and I had a free afternoon and sewed with her.

  6. Umm, next time I'm here my name better be at the top of your list...LOLOLOL.