Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To unpathed waters, undreamed shores. -William Shakespeare

Wow! Where have the last few days gone?! I feel like the next month is just going to speed by and before I know it I'll be all done with school - craziness! Don't worry about me though, I have a ton of stuff on the go to keep me busy, notwithstanding the fact that I need to find a full-time job...oy!

Remember a few posts ago when I showed y'all the pincushion I made for my scrappy pincushion swap partner? Well she received it a few days ago and I received mine too!! Mine came from Lauree (locodowo on Flickr) - it's awesome (!) as are the little extras she included...

One of the things that was a little different about this round of the swap was that participants were asked to name one of their favourite movies that their partner could use for inspiration if they chose. One of my favouritest movies, and one that I thought would be awesome for crafty inspiration, is Penelope starring Christine Ricci. Lauree made the pincushion to resemble the stripes on Penelope's scarf and made the pins, modelling them after Penelope's piggy nose - eeekkk, so awesome! She also included the cute envelope-style needle book because she saw that I like to embroider.

By the way, have you guys seen Penelope? It really is a great movie and just has so much in it to tempt the imagination. I mean, really, just look at this poster!

And you should see Penelope's bedroom in the film - it is amazing! And, in case you needed anymore convincing, it also stars James McAvoy!

James McAvoy is awesome - one of the things that I think is pretty fun about him is that he's Scottish but I don't ever think I've seen him in a role with a Scottish accent (although he's done a lot of others), he's like the opposite of Sean Connery who is Scottish even when he's Russian (which is still better than Harrison Ford and his fake German accent)...anyhoo, yes, you must see Penelope!

Okay, time to get back to my knitting! Much love to all of you xoxo


  1. Lucky you, that stuff is so cute! Penelope is one of my favorite movies too and I looove James! Have you seen him in Atonement?? Swoon! Such a stud ;-) Have a great week!

  2. That's so cute, and so clever...and I am adding Penelope to my Netflix queue...! Very nice.

  3. I love Penelope. So. Much.

  4. I found that movie on Netflix a while back and loved it!!

  5. I love that movie. Thanks for the reminder... I will be streaming it today while processing payroll. xoxoxoxox

  6. James of my imaginary boyfriends. I love hearing him speak Scottish. Sexy.