Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One very awesome package - or - why I heart Valori Wells

So a little while ago the ever-awesome Valori Wells showed off her new flannel line, Bliss, on her blog...then, you know what happened? She emailed me and offered to send me some! How cool is that?! Of course I said yes, sure, go-ahead Val, you can send me some fabric if you'd like *wink*

A giant box arrived on my doorstep...well, I had to go and pick it up at the post office...same difference. Inside the box was one of the most generous gifts I've ever received and I decided to count it as my first birthday present.

Val sent me about 1/2 to 3/4 yard of each of these prints and it is the most silky-soft flannel I've ever had my hands on!

Elephant March in green, tangerine, ocean and ruby.

Circles in green, ruby, ocean, tangerine, and multi.

Little Birds in ocean and tangerine. Birds in turquoise and tangerine.

Leaves in green, ruby, and tangerine.

Lions in tangerine, multi, and turquoise.

Medallion in ocean, sun, green, tangerine, and ruby.

Isn't it just so pretty? I love it all! It has all been pre-washed now and is ready to go. I don't generally pre-wash my fabric, but it is highly recommended with flannel. Unfortunately for me this post from Rae came a day after I washed it, and I had a tangly mess in my washing machine but no worries, it's all sorted now! I don't own a serger, but I think I could have achieved something similar if I had at least zig-zagged around the edges.

Well, hello there prettiness! I've already got some awesome ideas for how I'm going to use this flannel and can't wait to start sharing my projects with you!

Thank you so much again Val! You are a wonderful person and a great friend; wish I could see you again at Market in Houston this month, but we'll get together for that glass of wine in Salt Lake City in May!

For some reason I could not find the Bliss line on the Free Spirit website, but you can view it all (and order it) on the website for Val and Jean's store, Stitchin' Post.

A few tips for sewing/working with flannel:
-Prewash and dry on hottest settings. Depending on the quality of the fabric it is advisable to do this twice.
-Because the flannel can shrink quite a bit (about an inch or more) always buy a bit more than you need.
-Serge or zig-zag edges before washing if possible to avoid a crazy mess in your washer.
-Use 1/2" seams (not 1/4" even when quilting) for strong seams.
-Flannel can stretch, again depending on the quality, so use a walking foot whenever possible.
-Flannel can dull your needle rather quickly. Use a new needle to begin and be sure to check it as you sew and replace when necessary.
-Flannel is linty! Check your machine periodically during sewing and clean out any lint that might accumulate.
-Flannel is best used in projects with simple shapes. Because of the loose-weave of the fabric, flannel shapes can distort easily especially while cutting and ironing. Spray starch/spray size fabric before cutting for more "true" cuts.


  1. Hello Friend!

    I recently finished a wall hanging in which I used some flannel for piecing. I had never used flannel before and I always wondered about using it in a larger project.

    Thanks for the great tips! Don't work too hard today :0)


  2. You lucky girl! Have fun working with all that great fabric!!!

  3. I must admit to being a bit jealous! I'm a huge fan of Valorie's and love going to her store whenever I get home for a visit. I think some of those prints would make the cutest pajamas for my kids and they're cousins. I guess I'm going to have to search around for some yardage!

  4. Oooooh, this is soooo lovely! I love the little elephants and the circles, the birds... everything.. Really looking forward to seeing what sort of a quilt you are making. Just love that fabric alltogether... I haven't sewn with flannel before but would really like to try it, so thank you for the tips!

  5. Well, are't you the lucky one! But I can see that these fabrics seem to suit your style, your colour choices quite perfectly! I shall wait with bated breath to see future posts on your creations.

  6. That is one very awesome package!!! Thanks for the sewing with flannel tips :)

  7. Those are beautiful! I particularly love Elephant March and Little Birds, and can't wait to see what you'll make. I get tons of ideas just looking at the pictures.

  8. I've just seen a great pattern for flannel scarves on another blog and have just ordered my first half metre of flannel. I've never used it before because I've not had a specific project in mind and didn't want to just hoard it in my stash. This flannel is so pretty. I already have some of the VW designs in quilting cotton.

  9. Well, if that isn't a beautiful birthday box of joy!!! Looking forward to seeing your project. I always find quilting with flannel pretty challenging (so I stick with boxer jammies) and I never seem to remember to cut my binding an extra 1/4" wide to accommodate all of that bulk!

  10. Love those circles, I must get me some! So 70's...in a good way.

  11. I love it all....her colors are always wonderful. lucky you.

  12. Have you used the Elephant fabric in ruby? I'm looking for a small amount and can't find it anywhere!