Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy one year blogiversary to me!

I realized this morning that yesterday was my one year blogiversary, so happy blogiversary to me! It’s been a fun year and I really do enjoy writing my blog, even if I don’t get to write as often as I’d like. I’ve met some really great, nice people and I hope that continues.

Alex and I went gallivanting around Toronto today. We started out with a stop at the Eaton’s Centre where Alex picked up a couple of new ties at Sears. Then we headed to Wilson’s Fly Fishing Shop on Queen East and Alex bought some flies for fishing at the cottage in August. We jumped on the streetcar and headed towards Queen West but ended having to get off early because of a streetcar diversion; we decided to walk the rest of the way and it was lovely as we got to look at other stores and stopped into one (Drake Hotel General Store) on the way to our (my) destination. Alex also commandeered my camera and took some pictures. Here’s one of me; you can see Alex in the window reflection behind me.

Finally we arrived at The Workroom. The Workroom is a gorgeous sewing/crafting space/fabric store. Not only does The Workroom sell an array of beautiful, hard-to-find (in Canada) fabrics, books, and sewing notions they also hold workshops and classes and have sewing machines and sergers that you can rent by the hour in store. It’s a bit out of my way to go to all the time, but I do like to support independent shops when I can and they do carry fabrics that I love (although I think even with exchange and shipping it might be cheaper at times still to buy them online). Here’s what I bought today:

From left to right, they are: Tortoise Shell from the Neptune collection by Tula Pink for Moda, a floral stripe from the My Folklore collection by Lecien, and Sweet Jasmine in grey from the Daisy Chain collection by Amy Butler.

We then headed up to Kensington Market where we had lunch at the Firewood Grill (all organic) and it was sooooooooo good! I had been wanting to take Alex to Good Egg for awhile so we headed over there and browsed around. It’s such a lovely store and I want to buy almost everything I see. We headed back home after that and plopped on the couch. Now we’re heading out the door to see Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare in the Park. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Do tell us how the play went!!

  2. Yay for you - one year!

    That Workroom looks awesome, those fabrics are gorge. And that Good Egg place looks so fun and quirky.

    Oooh and have fun at Romeo and Juliet!

  3. The Workroom needs to expand to Southern California...preferably to Oceanside, please. I don't think they'd have any qualms with coming to San Diego, do you?