Saturday, July 19, 2008

Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.-Sholem Asch

So true Sholem, so true!

Frankly I doubt I have much to say, but felt the need to return since I finished Half Moon yesterday. Ya, it didn't get better. I read the last sentence, and my reaction went a little something like this: "What the hell! Stupid book!" *book mysteriously flies out of my hand and ends up on the other side of the living room*. I think it was the writing itself that I found provocative and thus so compelling (she's not a bad writer). The plot had some good points, but in the end there didn't seem to be any soul to the book. I might have to sell it, because I might get tempted to read it again sometime to see if it gets any better, and I know in this moment of clarity that it won't.

To rid myself of the grimy feeling I have now after that book, I am once again reading Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery. I love everything and anything that Maud has ever written, and everytime I pick up one of those books I feel a little lighter. Her books have undoubtedly shaped the person I am today.

Tonight I will be celebrating the Jen Selk's birthday, woot! Tomorrow there is the possibility of lunch with Evan, and an Argos game with Jon. Sounds like good times to me!

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